How It All Changed. My Divorced Parents Essay Example

Do you have divorced parents? My parents got divorced right around when I was only ten years old. I did not really understand what was happening at the time. It changed my life in many different ways, good and bad. Ever since my parents got divorced my life has been a rollercoaster of mixed emotions.

I am going to start from the beginning, six years ago is when it all started. My parents never really would fight in front of my siblings and I. Right before my parents got divorced my mom’s dad had passed away. Everyone in the family was already sad and upset. Everything went by so fast, I do not even remember them telling me. I just remember we started packing everything and every once in a while someone would start crying while packing.

My mom bought a house like two miles down from my dad’s house. Every time I would forget something I would just ride my four wheeler over there. After we moved it was hard to get used to not having certain people around all the time. I was on a strict schedule at whose house I had to go to on certain days. It honestly was hard for me being a little kid, I would get attached to one parent so easily. I eventually got used to the schedule as I got older. 

As I got older a lot of things became much easier for my siblings and I. One of the hardest things that I hated the most was when my parents would meet new people. I hated having people in my house that would try to act like they were my parents, I did not like the thought of one of my real parents being replaced. Once I got older I understood and I started getting along with who my parents would date and the kids that they had. I would treat them like my own siblings. 

Some of the more positive things about having divorced parents is that I get two holidays for every holiday. I also always have a different way at looking at certain things, like to not take the idea of marriage for granted. I am also so happy and thankful that my parents are happy again, even though my life will never be the same since the divorce. I am also not so sure if my life changed for better or for worse but, I am glad that everyone is confident and happy again.



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