Example Essay About Experience in Life: The Unforgettable Sleepover

Example Essay About Experience in Life: The Unforgettable Sleepover
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📌Published: 29 April 2021

Everyone has had summer experiences that they will never forget. A few years ago, my friends and I held a sleepover at my house which was fun for a variety of reasons. These reasons included the music we danced to, the food we ate, and the movies we watched. 

It was a sticky August morning and I had awoken. I looked at the glowing numbers on my alarm clock and it was already 8:30. My friends were coming to the sleepover at 8:40! I got out of my bed and rushed down the stairs with my messy hair. I decided how many girls I needed for the sleepover. I guess 4 or 5 would be fine. I was nervous. What if the girls didn’t like me? 

A few minutes later the girls arrived. The night was going to be amazing. We began the night out by listening to our favorite music while having a dance party. Since I was 10 years old I was listening to Cindy Lauper, Britney Spears, and the Backstreet Boys. The dance party was fun and I learned some dance moves from my friends. After a few minutes, we ended our dance party and started the next activity. 

The next thing we did was to put on our face masks. After putting our face masks on, we were all hungry so we decided to bake. I assigned all the girls to gather the materials we needed in our baking. We found a recipe on Pinterest for chocolate cookie balls and decided to test it out. 

First, in a bowl, we combined 1 cup of oatmeal, 2 bananas, and morsels. Next, we sprayed the cooking tray with cooking spray and formed the dough into small balls. While waiting for the cookies we peeled off our face masks.  Finally, the chocolate cookie balls were ready. 

After feasting on a snack, we chose a collection of movies we would watch through the night. Anyway, while the girls were watching the movie we prepared popcorn. By the time we came back, the girls were fast asleep. So, we watched the movies alone. While we were watching movies, we heard a strange noise. I and Julie quickly exchanged a look. I grabbed the flashlight on the coffee table and walked in the direction of the noise.

Then, I heard the noise again. Now, it was much louder than before. Then, I saw a dark figure. It looked like a zombie! I remember I tried to scream but nothing came out of my mouth. " Julie, " I said screaming. I dashed to where Julie was. I shrieked when I heard the noise again. Finally, I found Julie. She was behind the couch hiding. I joined her. We heard the noise again but now it was very near. In the dark, we saw someone's face. The figure came closer. Finally, we saw the face. This wasn't a zombie. This was just my dad. We both looked at each other and chuckled. A few minutes later, we joined the girls on the couch and slept. From this day until now I'll never forget that sleepover. 


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