What Does Being Successful Mean? The Definition Essay on Success

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  • Published: 17 March 2021
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Success to me is always performing your best and constantly trying to achieve the desire in life no matter how compact or substantial it seems. It is when you set an objective for yourself and when you strive to achieve that individual thing. Success is when you’re being vigilant of your needs and wants. It’s about knowing the balance in your life and how to have authority over your choices. Success is when you challenge yourself to prove you can be stronger than uncovering the easiest way out. The easiest solutions may not possess much success than finding it for yourself. Success is when you never permit anything to keep you from doing what you desire in life. It is when you do what you want and you don’t let people bring you down or try to demolish you. I think the best traits in achieving success are courage, determination, and patience.

First, I believe that courage is one of the most important traits you need when you’re going through new territories in your life. It’s something you need when you’re also trying to discover the person you’re becoming or figure out new paths. In addition, if you have courage you won’t put yourself down, and you won’t have the mindset that you’ll fail at anything you do. More importantly, with courage, you can persevere with diminishing and belittling people. People with courage often stand up for themselves and others when they feel an unlawful action is occurring. To add on, courage is something people often face in their darkest moments when all they have left is themselves. Having courage helps you get rid of fears and with fear, it makes it harder for you to achieve your goals which are good for testing yourself. Without courage it would be a struggle to overcome your fears, it’s an entity that would come easy. If you are going to develop courage you need to focus on more positive things then negative.

Secondly, I believe that determination is one of the greatest traits of success because with determination you have higher chances of being successful in achieving your goals. Furthermore, you stay motivated and that keeps you working and striving for the things you want in life. Next, determination helps you push yourself in tough situations and you get through them with the faith you have in yourself. With determination you go above and beyond for your aspirations. Have you ever worked so hard for a goal just for it to fail? Did you push through afterwards?  This quote made by Og Mandino says “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” This means that with determination you will not let failure put you down or get in your way when you disappoint yourself, you’ll continue to do your best or try harder than before. When you are trying to succeed don’t worry about impressing others worry about yourself only. Because, if you worry and then fail you will feel like you let everyone else down when you would just have to worry about yourself and push through.            

Lastly, I believe that patience is one of the greatest traits of successful people because with patience things will come out the way you want. For example, when you make a mistake or are dealing with issues, patience will come in handy, you will understand how to accept that you won’t always do things right. In addition, while trying to be successful you will have to be able to handle all the curves and obstacles in your way. On the other hand, when being patient you give yourself time on how to react to a situation instead of quickly making a decision or feeling rushed about it.

For example, imagine you working at a fast food restaurant  for 5+ years as a waitress and then your boss asks you to work as the dishwasher.  You love being a waitress but the dishwasher has better pay but you are not so much into the idea of it. Therefore, this makes you think, do you choose the better paid job or the job you love to do and enjoy? However, being patient you will have to accept the many good qualities. They take a long time to build and they won’t just come your way, you have to work hard to get to the top. Patience gives us control over many things directly. Have you rushed things to get a goal done and it ends up going sideways? At last, having the ability to be patient makes you look good to others and most importantly yourself when you embrace it.

Finally, these traits can have an adequate impact on your life depending on how you embrace and express them. These traits can genuinely change your perspective on things and open your eyes. You need to pay attention and realize why you are striving for what you want and only do it for yourself. I can picture that these qualities are something you want to occur when you’re enthusiastic about your goals and ready to put your all into it. Don’t hold back and  let fear stop you from going after your desires. When you’re trying to succeed you will always get negativity or backhanded compliments and it can be hurtful so don’t listen to those people, just yourself and the positive people. I believe that these attributes will push you to work hard but to keep fighting when others say there's nothing left to fight for just look back on your thoughts and recollect that no matter how hard life gets you should always be negligent and only do things for yourself.



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