Definition for the Types of Humor Essay Example

Definition for the Types of Humor Essay Example
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It can be defined as the quality of exposing amusement or comically, mostly has expressed in literature or speeches. It can be considered as a mood, or the state of mind. In writing, humor is broader and can be expressed in various forms; in most cases, writers’ use humor to make the characters relatable (Proulx et al. pp 817-829). It also helps in assigning the positive traits to a role. It is evident that humor tends to occur in different flavors, in which it might appeal to one individual, but not to another one. 

Examples of types of humor include; Ironic: It involves incongruity and discordance with norms, where the intended definition is opposite to the actual meaning. The irony is mostly used to highlight the discrepancy between facts and how things happen or what was exactly expected. When Irony is used in writing, there must be strangeness regarding the kind of behavior of the characters, what they say, or even the events which take place. Another type is hyperbolic, wherein the case of comic presentation is marked by the extreme exaggeration and with outside characterization (Torok et al. pp 14-20). Generally, this is used in showing the contrast between something that was about to happen or can happen, as well as being used to catch the audience’s attention. 

Furthermore, we also have farcical which relates to or resembles farce, mainly because of absurd or in ridiculous aspects. However, this is also a fictional genre and a form of comedy which considers the use of highly exaggerated and most funny situations that is aimed at entertaining the viewers. Farce can also be regarded as a subcategory of the dramatic comedy that tends to be so different from the other types of comedy, as its main aim is to make the audience laugh. Another most significant part of the humor is situational; this can be considered as the type of humor arising out of everyday situations, it can also be preferred as the basis of sitcoms, or also situational comedies. However, the situational comedies tend to employ features of farce, screwball, and some other types of humor. Situational humor can be easily identified in most humorous shows or movies. It merely occurs in the situation when the discrepancy appears between the expectations of something to occur, and what might happen instead. Nevertheless, situational irony commonly includes incidences of sharp contrasts and contradictions. 

Another type of humor is stand-up; this is portrayed in comedy where it is delivered in a funny way to entertain the audience with jokes and humorous stories. Therefore, a standup comedian might employ this to express more of what he intends to highlight to the audience.   And finally, another type of humor is the slapstick; this is portrayed in comedy to mock the violence, and the simulated bodily harm is put on stage for the comic effect, it can also be referred to as physical comedy. Mostly it is portrayed in the act which mainly involves clowns throwing things in each other’s faces. One of the best examples of slapstick in a comedy portrayed in the television characters is called “The Three Stooges in which people get poked in the eye or a pie in the face.”


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