Examinations Should be Abolished. Essay on Exams and Its Necessity

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  • Published: 21 March 2021
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An examination is commonly debated by many because some boasts of its many great purposes while others say it is too stressful, a waste of time, and anachronistic. Many argue that exams define our growth, it motivates students to study rigorously, and it’s a great way to test their knowledge and growth. 

Examinations should not be abolished because research has shown that exams encourage participants to be highly competitive with each other. It pushes them to their limit to gain a competitive advantage over the other participants. While some may be highly motivated by this method, there is a small percentage of others that argue that constant failure in an exam is demotivating, and lowers self-esteem. For, this reason participants eventually just give up without putting in much effort. However, statistics show the majority of opportunities are given to highly competitive or top performers in examinations.

Exams give Feedback. An examination shows where improvements need to be made. It identifies the individual’s strong areas of interpretation and where more emphasis needs to be placed. Assessing a student’s skills and their progress with feedback prepares them for the future. As well as their knowledge, aptitude and physical fitness.

Some may say it’s an unfair evaluation of the ability but how can you evaluate a student if this method is removed? It is important to measure how well a student understands the material they were given. The evaluation based on grades helps teachers understand what students don’t understand and will try their best to make them have a better understanding of that specific topic. 

Exams may not be the best way possible for students to retain information since they may end up cramming pages of information last minute for their exams and forget it afterwards, but it encourages most students to study hard. Without exams, most students will tend to lose interest in school work and studying because they won’t have anything to work hard for. Getting good grades are rewards. This reward will motivate students to study and therefore they will properly learn. 

Examinations should not be abolished because it shows students their weak points, it evaluates the student’s abilities and encourages them to study. In conclusion, exams should not be abolished because they encourage competition amongst students, which increases the level of knowledge of the student. Without these competitions, students would feel independent and would not study hard. These competitions also enable students to compete for future competitions. 



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