Essay about The Harmful Effects of Homework

Do you experience stress by the overload of homework you receive from school? A survey of American students reveals that over 50% believe homework to be a stressful task, and 25% claim work is the main source of stress in their lives. Adults generally look forward to their relaxing evening at home after a stressful day at work, but students are expected to complete their homework, or they will be reprimanded. According to research, 73% of high school students do not maintain a satisfactory amount of sleep due to an excessive amount of homework; this affects them for a long time and makes it hard to wake up early in the morning to arrive at school on time and complete their day. In my opinion, students are given far too much homework, which leads to anxiety and a lack of personal time. Teachers should also take the time to design useful and captivating lessons in order to attract students' attention. Students are more likely to pay attention to a lesson if it is made interesting. When teachers focus their attention on creating useful lessons rather than assignments that disinterest students, students' academic development will improve dramatically.

Can you manage a busy social life while maintaining your academic responsibilities? There are many students who cannot enjoy this luxury because the amount of homework provided prevents them from participating in extracurricular activities and spending time with family and friends. It seems to me that when students receive an excessive amount of homework it limits their time to only studying, which is not healthy. I feel that for a healthy lifestyle a normal person must balance their time between work, self-care and social activities. We know that the brain can perform much better when it has rest than when it is overworked, so if we maintain a balanced lifestyle, the brain will be much more flexible and effective, hopefully resulting in good grades. Homework becomes more difficult to complete as the brain is wired to believe that home is a place for relaxation, homework becomes more challenging and is not done in an efficient manner but is hurried and usually results in more incorrect answers than when it is done in class.

There are many reasons why homework can cause problems within a household, and it shouldn't! The student spends the majority of their time completing the insane amount of homework, which prevents the student from spending time with family and having family dinners since they take their meals to their rooms to complete the assignments faster. Occasionally, parents may react angrily if their kids refuse to spend time with them because they may see this as disrespectful. This damages the student's reputation and creates unnecessary problems within the household. There is enormous pressure on parents to make sure that their children complete their homework, as well as the chores assigned to them, while also spending time with family. Most parents who are also teachers ignore their kids and spouses, as they are preoccupied with correcting the 30+ homework assignments submitted by each student.


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