The Way Students’ Lives are Affected by of Social Networking Essay Example

On March 5, 2018, at Palatine High School, police officers were all over the building. There were at least 5 cops on each floor. The reason? It was because someone posted that they had guns and were coming to the high school. Numerous people were on edge that day, with only 1/3rd of students coming to school that day. The ex-student who posted that on his social media got arrested and served time. 

So not only did that affect him, it affected the students at Palatine High School and the entire community. That is one of the negative effects of social media, because that kid decided to post that on his social media his life was ruined, and he served time even though he didn't have the guns he said he did. Although social media can have positive impacts on students like by expanding their understanding of the English language, social media harms students more than it helps by affecting their admissions to college and admission to get jobs. 

Getting into an excellent college is extremely important. It defines what you will do for the rest of your life. When applying to colleges, you want a strong application. Colleges only pick the cream of the crop when deciding who to admit. This is all determined by a combination of your grades, SAT/ACT scores, what clubs/sports you were in, and even your social media accounts. 

According to the article “Teen Online Activity Can Harm Future College Admissions and Employment,” one student they interviewed said that his admission to a college got declined because his hostile comments about certain college officials on LiveJournal. Another student was kicked off their swimming team because they criticized their coaches on Facebook. Students need to be especially cautious when posting. A wonderful rule of thumb is to think before you post. These posts can either make or break your career. 

Another important concern is your job. The same rules apply about applications for jobs. Your future employer will look at your grades, previous experiences, and your social media. According to the same article as before, 75% of recruiters use web research for figuring who to hire. The words you post on social media can either positively or negatively impact you. For example, according to the same article, an intern got fired because he posted on Facebook that he spent most of his time “screwing around on IM” and still got paid. Even though it may seem like nothing at the moment, you might want to think about the consequence your post might have on your future. 

Although social media is dangerous, it still has some redeeming qualities: it can increase a teens’ understanding of the English language. According to the article “Social Networking Sites Help Students Gain Important Skills,” it says that by constantly reading and being exposed to words and spelling, teens are improving their English. That is very crucial because English is regarded as the lingua franca of the world and countless people believe if you want to make it in the world, you should learn English. However, even though this is a positive impact, what if you already speak English perfectly? Or what if there is no need for you to learn English? Although this is positive, the negatives outweigh the positives about social media. 

In conclusion, social media has more negative impacts on teens than positive impacts. Social media can decide whether you get that job or admitted to your dream college. For many people these days, social media has been an intervening obstacle to getting those opportunities. Getting into a college or a job is extremely important and social media is just ripping that away from you. Although social media can have positive impacts on students like by expanding their understanding of the English language, social media harms students more than it helps.



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