Essay About Basketball. NBA vs WNBA

Essay About Basketball. NBA vs WNBA
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📌Published: 02 July 2020

Imagine lowering the rim for the WNBA, it would change everything within basketball. They have been playing with the same size as the NBA for their whole career, you can't change something that isn't the same. Yes they could be able to dunk better, but there shots would be off, on all parts of the court from the downtown 3's to the lay-up's worth 2's. Giving the women a chance for almost all of them to dunk, definitely could get the crown hyped up and yelling, but imagine a monster clutch 3 for the game winner, just as hype. Yes, I can see the crowd  yelling if a women dunks on another woman that would be pretty cool. So me, myself I can see both sides, because dunking is cool, but learning a whole new shot formation and how hard you have to shoot it would take too much time to master it, and there would be so many more misses than usual. 

My perspective is straight forward, you can't change the height of the rim because if you did it would change the whole game. So with changing the rim, imagine you are playing on NBA courts your whole life and you move make the 3 pointer 7 inches further back, just how much lower they want the rim for the WNBA, it would be a whole different ball game (literally). People would miss shots on both examples that I explained, because if you are shooting on a hoop that is 7 inches shorter than normal you're going to miss a whole lot more, you would have to change your shot position, how hard you shoot the ball and how far, so then you would have the dunking capability for almost every woman, but there would be so many more misses. So say an NBA And WNBA player are the same height, but the female has a higher jump, who is going to dunk better? It's pretty obvious who would come out on top, so that is one reason why the hoops should be lowered as that is a counterclaim towards my claim or my perspective. But that's not how it usually works, on average females are shorter and have lower verticals, which would make it harder for them to dunk on a NBA sized hoop.

In the prompt, perspective 1 is a reasonable option dunking would excite the game you can't decline that. Also for perspective 2, would have the exact same rules as NBA which, if you're changing the rims height it would not change the rules one bit, so that's false to me. Now perspective 3, is just a look on male and females, men are more likely to watch sports than women. So you wouldn't have as large as a fan base as the NBA, but that is obvious because the NBA has been going around much longer and men are more likely to watch sports and play sports than women. That does not change the fact that women can still play and watch sports like men it will just be decreased. 

In conclusion, obviously the NBA and WNBA are very similar, they both have really close rules to play the ball game, but the fan bases are comparing people like Lebron James a 6 foot 8 monster to a 6 foot 2 woman, and usually men are going to have a better vertical leap and all that with-in the NBA combine. You just can't compare and say that the woman can't dunk as well, that is the most obvious fact, you could give us, men are averagely going to be taller so a normal height female is not going to dunk on a hoop the same way as a huge basketball player. So you might have to lower the rim, but there will be some big problems with where the ball is shot from all over the court.


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