Essay on Football: How This Game Helps Me to Become Better

I am looking up at my news papers, and I'm asking myself. Is this what i really want to do? What if i don't make it? will my family be disappointed in me? i made all these accomplishments playing football all state team, player of the year, 1000 yard rusher. Will i be able to make it to the Nfl? I tell myself yes because i have no choice but to make it. Now what's different? I work even harder to keep my grades up, I'm not letting myself get anything under an B So if i really want this i can't wait for it, I have to go get it. So many teachers try to to do football is life. Without it i could not push myself to do good in school. 

bring up the statistics, But i tell myself the teachers don't give you a plan, God does.  Everything i do i try to finish first, even if i can't finish first i still give my hardest effort. I want people to look at me and say he was one of the hardest workers I've ever seen; even if i he messes up at something he keeps trying it over and over until he gets it right. People did not see me as a leader a couple years back and I want to change that. One thing about me is that I'm scared to speak my mind, I'm scared to be a leader. Why? I'm scared I'm going to mess up and disappoint people i want people to follow my right footsteps not the wrong ones. In the period of time i hard to work in the off season to have the out standing season i did.

As soon as football season ended my Junior year. That year of football motivated me, I was a tired of losing it was time i made a difference for my team. This is just the beginning me feeling good about myself either happens in the weight room,Football Field or classroom. Why? It feels great, it feels like i live there, it makes me think about all the big things i can accomplish. It's like when I put my hand out at these places im reaching for my goals, everything in this aspect of my dream is good. In my town there are alot of people who say negative things about you, but all you have to do is block them out and handle your business. How do i feel about this? It's not something to joke about when it comes to football, This is what i was born for.



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