Should College Football Players be Paid Essay Example

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  • Published: 04 July 2020
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College football players are some of the hardest working athletes in the world. Not only are they living the college life of an average student, but they also have busy schedules to work around, while practicing and playing football. They spend just as much time, if not more time, practicing and giving time and energy to playing as well as academics.

College football players should get paid because they have no free time to get a job. The massive amount of money being generated from college football has led some people to think that the players are entitled to some of that income. In the past of football careers, there have been many players who got hurt putting their lives on the line every day during practice and on game day. There’s always a possibility that a player suffers a brain injury or being paralyzed after physical contact with another player. 

These players are sacrificing their physical health at an opportunity to play a game that they love and enjoy doing, and hopefully playing at a professional level someday.  College football players should get paid for playing because they provide entertainment on national television and many people would pay to see some of the teams play. College athletic programs collect in millions from television and advertising contracts, and they also bring in millions of dollars of donations from sports boosters, however, compared to the amount of money that college football players generate for their colleges, what they get in return is very little. 

 Most scholarships do not include extra money for food, school supplies, and even clothes for going to team activities, however according to CNNMoney, (New York), “For the first time, the NCCA this year is allowing schools to give cash stipends to cover the cost of things like late-night snacks, student fees, laundry money, and movies.” This means that the NCCA is now covering the cost of things that are important for college football players to have, which is a big step in the college football world considering things like that have not been paid for in the past. Paying college football players could help teach them how to be more responsible, so when they make it or they don’t, they would know how to handle and save money. 

Players could also possibly make as much money as to being forced to make responsible decisions, and learn how to handle things later on in life if financial stakes become high. Critics may argue that college football players should not be paid because colleges prepare players to go pro in a way that high schools do not, and if they aren't getting paid, then college players shouldn't get paid. According to the article on why “college athletes shouldn't get paid”, by Jamisen ma, she writes that “College athletes are, after all, still students: it is unfair to place the expectations that come along with earning a salary on a student trying to pursue their education as well as their sport.” That means that it is not fair to give student expectations while they are getting an education and playing a sports others argue that college football players should get paid because college is more difficult than high school, and while playing a sport and juggling to keep their grades up, they do deserve some revenue.

College football players should also get paid because sometimes scholarships just aren't enough. The players do not have the time to work to pay off their continuous growing debt, so they should get paid for playing so they do not have to graduate with a huge debt on their hands. They should get paid as if it were their job, they would devote just as much time to their job that they do football. Paying college football players would help lessen the illegal payments that the players often receive to go to a specific college.

In conclusion, college football players should get paid because it would help them and maybe their families back home in tremendous ways. College football players deserve to be paid because of their dedication and hard work. A college football player is one step below from possibly entering the league, and if they do, they should know how the money works, so overall they should get paid while playing.



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