Delivery of Healthcare Essay Example

Delivery of Healthcare Essay Example
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Healthcare delivery in the United States has sectors that provide different levels of care to patients that are categories by the treatment plan, care level, and facilities' capability.  Healthcare Organization tasks with the management of how critical a patients’ care treatment is. Healthcare facilities considered together. For example, Urgent Care is for patients with minor needs if a patient needs extended care Practitioners can direct them to Specialists or transfer patients to Emergency Care services.  Patient safety during all treatment options is a high priority. The United States Health Organization is reforming healthcare and insurance by providing patients with better coverage and healthcare organization with coverage for uninsured patients.

Health Care Services

Health care services in the United States extended to the community in helping patients understand where to locate different services and where to locate the right care. Many healthcare organizations are providing the city with education that can help patients understand the need for healthcare and how to access healthcare services. A healthcare provider, nurses, administer healthcare services, and staff members, their job is to work together to provide patients with quality, safe and committed healthcare.

Importance/ relevance of equity

The importance is equity in health care is to ensure each patient that the same amount of time and care to each patient without the discrimination of race, religion, or economic level. The relevance of equity is that patients know that patient respect is covered under the healthcare law, that providers cannot refuse services due to a patients’ race, social status, or religion.  Equity helps Healthcare organizations investigate the surrounding areas for knowledge on community understanding of healthcare and the value patients place on their health.  The importance of equity in healthcare is for the healthcare organization to stand together to provide better and available healthcare to all disparities and their communities.

Affordable access

The United States Healthcare systems are working on providing healthcare to communities of all economic levels. With healthcare coverage, patients will have the inability to receive healthcare services as a need instead of at the last minute. Making healthcare more affordable to patients that insured and uninsured will help provide access to healthcare and decrease death and long-term care efforts. 

Affordable healthcare enables healthcare organizations to reach different and all patients for healthcare education.


Disparities affect healthcare by providing different levels to healthcare access, different standards of understanding healthcare, and various methods that patients receive healthcare. Patients in low-income level receive less healthcare service due to lack of care organization, lack of organization educating the community on care, and lack of understanding of the treatment and having plan options. Having these lacks can cause self-diagnoses, self-medicating, and increases deaths and long-term patient care.

Relationship between equity, affordability, and disparities

The relationship between equity, affordability, and disparities are if a patient is living with disparities; which could include poverty, lower education, or disabilities, equity healthcare coverage helps patients remain educated on healthcare treatment plans, provide services that help patients to receive care, and helps patients value the aid of healthcare services.


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