Trauma to the Brain and Behavior Essay Example

Trauma to the Brain and Behavior Essay Example
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📌Published: 01 September 2020

People assume that the people in jail are there because they just do bad things. Well over 75 percent of people in jail have suffered from trauma to the head. The reason all of this happens is because most of the parts of the brain are the parts that matter most like what makes you recognize things.  

When you have trauma it usually has to do with the head. But what part of the brain has trauma? These are the things that people need to worry about and what will happen later. When your head comes in contact with something your brain hits your skull this can cause the brain to bruise and become dysfunctional. The biggest part of the brain that is impacted is the cortex. Because they control the decision making and this can be turned the wrong way if it is hurt. This happens because it is bruised and it is confused because it can’t make the right decisions. This is one of the main reasons why people are in jail is because their brain can’t make decisions and when they finally get released their brain never got time to heal so they go right back to making bad decisions. This is almost 40% of the reason people go right back to jail and they don’t know any better. 

So the question is why aren't we doing things and what can we do?  There is this one group and they go searching throughout different jails looking for people who have been in and out of jail and look at their past. After they evaluate the person they set up a plan for that certain person so their jail time will go down. Like they make a schedule for some people if they forget things easily. That can also be a big reason other people go back to jail. They forget things and forget how to recognize things because he or she had damage to that part of the brain. This group has succeeded with that process for a long time. So what we are doing to help people is making their schedule easy and so if they follow that they don’t think about making trouble or get in trouble. So what we are doing is helping get their life together.


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