Essay on Injuries on the Playground

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  • Published: 12 May 2021
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It has recently come to my attention  that in the past year, our school has had numerous accidents reported due to playground injuries our principal has ask that we 5th grade students write to our younger students in the school ,about playground safety. imagine seeing a classmate break there neck being on the monkeybars.picture getting suspended from school.this could happen if if you do not follow the playground safety rules.there are many rules that we need to follow in order to keep students safe on the playground such as do not play on the monkeybars,and always keep your hand to yourself.

First ,to stay safe on the playground ,you must stay away from the monkeybars .allow me to explain.for example last year while outside for recess, three boys thought it would be cool to play on the monkeybars while the teacher was not looking one boy fell off and broke his wrist this caused the boys family  to spend a lot of money at the doctors office.researchers at uk here found that most playground injuries  occur from the monkeybars at many schools.there are many rules that must be followed to keep students safe at school as a student,i know you find this very interesting.

Not only can they can get hurt keeping their hands to there self  there family would have to pay a lot of money at the doctor’s office allow me to explain.for example,kidscan get seriously hurt by it and there family  would have to pay a lot of money at the doctor’s office they would.and they would not be able to do what they done before to get hurt again and then they will get hurt again and the family would have to pay even more money.there are many rules that have to be followed in order  to keep students safe while they are at school as a student i know you find this very interesting.

In conclusion, there are many rules  that need to be followed in order  to keep everyone safe from playground can get seriously  injured from going on the monkey bars or not keeping their hands to themselves and other stuff such as not keeping their hand to there self or playing on the monkey bars when you are not supposed to children can get seriously injured from that they can.



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