Why Did You Choose Nursing Essay Example

Why Did You Choose Nursing Essay Example
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📌Published: 12 July 2020

Sitting in my room last Wednesday evening, I picked up my phone and began my interview with Nicole McMahan. When she answered, I heard her cheerful voice on the other end. Talking to her was easy in a familiar way, almost as if I’ve known her for years. Through the rustling of the phone we made small talk and I thanked her for taking time out of her evening. Pulling out my notebook and pen, I started with the first question.

When asking why she chose nursing as her career, Nicole began to explain her main desire was to help and enrich people in the best way she could. With love in her voice, she said she enjoyed helping in rural communities. McMahan went to school at Murray State College in Tishomingo. 

“I chose Murray because their Nursing program is great and it was close to home,'' she says. 

It took her four years to become a nurse. She took two years of prerequisite courses and two years of nursing classes. Eight years into her career, Nicole decided to get her bachelor's degree. In just nine short months, she was able to finish with an average of one hundred percent.

“Has the career changed your outlook on life?” I asked. Surprisingly, she said no. 

“I honestly can not say my life has changed since I began my career. Although I have seen a lot of tough and sometimes difficult things, I feel like I expected it when starting out. That is one reason why I chose nursing. I knew it was going to be challenging and not all fun and rainbows, but that intrigued me.” she explained.

When I asked if the job was rewarding, she told me there is hardly ever a time when it’s not rewarding. Hearing the softness in her voice, she says the most rewarding thing is knowing she has helped someone by making sure they are comfortable, giving them respect and dignity, providing support you know they don’t have, or simply by making them smile through a rough time.

Nicole started talking about the hard parts of her job. Solemnly, she explained that she doesn’t do well with loss. She worked in the intensive care unit for a short period of time, but soon realized it wasn't the best area for her. 

“It was a heavy burden to see families and patients going through the highs and lows of sickness. It’s crazy to see a patient at their best and within a matter of seconds, it all goes downhill. I’ve seen wives lose husbands, husbands lost wives, children lose their parents and sadly so much more. When you are with the same patients every day, you form a bond. So when losing a patient, it takes a huge toll on me.” she added.

I heard the sympathy through the phone and I knew she was a great nurse and an even better person. When wrapping up my last question, I again thanked her. Her raspy voice sweetly accepted and she said she was honored. Later that night, I began to think deeply about Nicole and the way she answered all my questions. I realized nursing was more than just helping sick people. It takes a kind-hearted person like Nicole to do it right. With all the sympathy and passion she has for her job, I know she is one of the best. I am grateful I got the chance to talk to her and hope one day I can be as great as she is.


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