Why Basement Is the Best Place in My Home Essay Example

Why Basement Is the Best Place in My Home Essay Example
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📌Published: 17 March 2021

We all have a beautiful place that has a deep meaning to us, at a point in time. Everyone has a place where they feel happy, secure, peaceful. A place where you can have some time for yourself; Where all troubles and challenges look inconsequential to you. My house and basement have always been such a place for me at home; that’s where I do most of my school assignments and relax when avoiding disturbance. It has a nice and quiet atmosphere to do whatever you want. Even though the basement is small, it is the best place for me, and it also helps me regain my inner strength when feeling depressed and stressed most times. 

I have countless reasons I chose the house basement as a place that has a deep meaning to me. First, the basement has many features of which I share; It has many pictures I have taken by my mother, siblings, and some friends and other hand art that I did in high school; Which brings a lot of good recollections, and their presence back to me. The basement is painted with green; And green is my favorite color because Green stands for “The color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with the meaning of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment; and green are also traditionally associated with money, finances, banking, ambition, and Wall Street.” Another reason I chose this place is that the basement makes me feel more comfortable and confident in myself because of my personality, as an introvert, you face many of the challenges dealing with the social crowd, therefore being alone is more enjoyable than being with so many people compared to extroverts. For example, singing and writing poems. 

Also, my siblings and I love artificial plants, so there are plenty of them all around the basement which makes it more good-looking, natural and I love the sandy scent when it rains. Amazingly the basement does not look like rainforest even though the place is small, as we made beautiful timber ledges and hangers to arrange everything nicely and make it more attractive for a good ambiance; to help encourage learning and having your quiet time every morning before leaving for school or work. I love days when the sun is shining into the window, and the leaves glow with this deep green color. It feels like the basement is part of the outside world, only more peaceful and comfortable. I can say that my family knows how to create a special atmosphere in the house, and I acknowledge the fact that I need to learn more from them to transform a regular house into a special home for my children, family, and visitors.

In conclusion, I would like to say that there is no place that has been more peaceful and quieter like my basement. It has an exclusive quality that helps clear up all worries and problems in my mind and make me feel precious and secure when having time for myself and my books.


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