What Is the American Dream Essay Example

A six-bedroom house with a movie theater and several big windows. Twenty-five million dollars in a savings account.* What does the term “American Dream” mean? Is it a misconception of reality? Or is it just a couple of steps away from every being? The American Dream is described as possessing a “perfect life.” The dream consists of having plenty of money, a dream car, merriment, and anything he or she may desire.  Merriam-Webster defines the American Dream as “A happy way of living that is thought of by many Americans as something that can be achieved by anyone in the U.S., especially by working hard and becoming successful.” 

One individual’s American Dream will be completely different from another’s, but that is what makes every person unique. One Person’s dream could consist of having millions of dollars in his or her bank account, maintaining stability and having the biggest house in his or her subdivision; whereas, another person’s may include having a significant other, devoting more time to family, and being in exceptional health. People have different dreams and desires, but they all strive for happiness and balance in their lives. Although the typical American Dream consists of having financial stability and anything a person desires, it does not mean that every individual is materialistic, but it is about each person and his or her pursuit to happiness. 

From generation to generation, people and their families come to America in hopes of becoming prosperous. Individuals move here longing to find a stable job to support his or her family and fulfill his or her hopes and dreams. The American dream means something different to each person in the United States, but it is simply defined as having freedom, liberty, and equality. Every individual has an equal opportunity to pursue his or her dreams and become successful. Most people want to be wealthy, have the nicest car, and the biggest house, but are they willing to work for what they want? Will a person work construction for twelve hours straight or in an office starting at six in the morning? 

The American Dream is not something that can be simply handed to people one day, but if they are willing to work hard for it then every goal that they have set will be achieved. People should continue to strive for their hopes and dreams, but most give up and talk about what they should and could have done. Many people set goals and are persistent at attaining them, while others sit back and expect life to work for them. Having the right mindset is the first step to achieving the goals that have been set. If a person is not determined, then how can he or she accomplish his or her goals? How can he or she begin to establish the “perfect life” if they are not diligent? Another factor in determining whether or not your dream can become a reality is the type of job you have. If an individual’s dream is to be wealthy and have everything they desire, then a good source of income is necessary. 

The American dream is not just about having a lot of money or having the biggest house a person can think of, but it is about family, being in great health, and being happy. There are several people who are materialistic, but the “material” things they want in life are not supplemental. Everyone wants to have great wealth and anything they may desire, but without family and health carrying out his or her goals and wants is near impossible. Individuals who have love and support from their families and are happy are living the primary American Dream. 

Even though it does not consist of material things, most people strive to have just that. People have different wants in life, which is why the American Dream can have several meanings. It varies from person to person, but every dream is based around freedom, liberty, and equality. Some individuals believe that the typical American Dream is having a five-story mansion with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, a different kind of car for every day of the week, and having a bank account with over a hundred million in it. All of these materialistic things being part of what makes up their hopes and wants. Having what you want and completing your goals is what the American Dream is. 

The American dream is not just what an individual may dream of having, but it can become a reality. The red Mercedes they want, the family of five, the seven- bedroom house, and anything they may desire is what makes up the term American Dream. The guy that wants a black Ferrari and the girl who wants to have a million dollars to go shopping has the typical American Dream. The person who wants family and love has a dream that most people would consider a reality and what they already have. Many things make up each individual’s dream, but does the job he or she has support it? Is his or her mind set on what he or she wants to achieve? Are the goals he or she has set realistic? The answer to these questions will vary among people, but if an individual is persistent and works hard he or she can conquer any dream or goal. 

When a person thinks of the term American dream, does a gold Rolex, a black Bugatti, and billions in a bank account come to mind? Or does being content, becoming successful, and having four daughters and a husband come to mind? A person can become successful and have everything he or she may want, but not be happy. Being content is essential when building the life that a person desires. Although the American Dream consists of having financial stability and unlimited desires, it does not mean that every individual is materialistic, but it is about each person and his or her pursuit to happiness. Dreams are different among society, but basing a dream on contentment is important. Each and every dream is founded on what makes an individual happy, whether it be materialistic things or just having a family.

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