Essay on Tik Tok - Why it is Not Ethical

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  • Published: 13 April 2021
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Tik tok – the app millions are “addicted to” and is a go to for quick and easy entertainment. The argument of the app being banned from the United States was afloat for quite some time. It angered many including parents, children, and middle-age civilians. This anger may have been a first resort because so many are not educated on the problems within this social media platform. More and more people are creating accounts everyday which means more of our population is getting sucked into watching a majority of senseless videos that are inappropriate for children and diminishing to today's morals and societal customs.  There is little chance of getting the negatives of the app across to children. We should start with older individuals and parents to stress the banning of what could be influencing our future generations and even today's citizens in very negative ways. The first impression of the app is simply inappropriate.

The app contains videos of provocative dancing, partial nudity, and also explicit content within text on videos and the comments sections. The dances are performed to “sounds” which usually come from short bits and pieces of songs. Anymore the sound choices come from songs that have a focus point of sexual intercourse, drugs, and/or money. With that being said, it is clear that the result of these song choices helps fuel the social “norms” of our generation and what they like, which some, mainly older generations, would be disgusted by. One sound that is increasingly popular among teenage girls comes from the song "WAP". This song would not be an old-fashioned folks cup of tea. The sound only does so much. The “dance” to this sound includes twerking, splits, and a seductive motive. Now think about how many younger children see this and think it’s cool or even child predators that may be active behind a screen. We now have twelve year old girls wanting to dance a certain way because they look up to Tik Tok influencers like Addison Raee who has performed this dance. Now imagine your kid, little sister, or even cousin dancing in such a way to such a mature song not always knowing who will view it. There may be a child predator watching behind a screen and that does not help the safety or what is considered to be social norms in today’s day and age. 

Along with the dancing, there also comes partial nudity and explicit ideas and comments. It is almost a known note that Tik Toks that have partial nudity get more views and likes which causes a higher chance for more individuals to see it. Think about it, if a male observes a video of a girl in a swimsuit it is more likely to get shared among the male and his friends than a video of a girl fully clothed. This also works the other way around with the opposite gender(s). There are also videos conveying dangerous ideas and negativity among users. Explicit commenting on videos often includes sexual comments, bullying, and slang talk that is unprofessional and ignorant. Such comments and ideas create a dangerous and sometimes tension ridden environment. People can take comments the wrong way or even mean them but effortlessly say negative things about one another considering how easy it is to type a comment and press enter. Cyberbullying is still an issue especially among younger kids.

As stated before, Tik Tok can often display people as inappropriate and unprofessional. No employer would be happy if they saw their employee engaging in these inappropriate videos or supporting mindless videos that could cause danger to someone. Tik tok can also be said to be a waste of time in which employers would not like to see within their companies/facilities. While on Tik Tok, many tend to sit and start with one video and before you know it half an hour has passed. That half an hour could have been used to get work done, home priorities taken care of, and even self-care. Instead, the half an hour will be considered a missed opportunity after the fact. Opportunity is always present but using Tik Tok will deprive people and our future generations of these chances. The app does this especially by targeting their users and presenting material to them in which they know they are interested in. The app keeps track of what users watch and then uses that information to feed users and keep them on the app. 

Keeping track of data on users is not the only scare on privacy. There have been more issues concerning privacy among Tik Tok and users of the app. An article in The Guardian states, Tok-tok’s parent company ByteDance is based in China there are fears the company may share user data with the Chinese government, whether intentionally through data requests or unintentionally through surveillance software”. People often never think outside of the box about how much social media platforms and this app can be connected to them and become an issue. This app can learn so much about you to the extent of your location and possibly passwords to different accounts. Back to the inappropriate content, what if something that was to be seen by 10 people is now seen by 10,000 because your account has been hacked and you no longer have access to your content and information. 

Overall, Tik Tok presents plenty of motivation for us to want the app banned. Banning the app will help to prevent these negative aspects from affecting our society and younger generations for the worst. The app is inappropriate in multiple ways, unprofessional, a waste of time, and danger to one’s privacy and personal information. The use of Tik Tok provides no benefit to societal influence. There is more negativity encouraged than positivity and good, foundational influence. It seems it is more hurt than help and at this point there is no need for it and we can indeed live without it. 



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