What is American Democracy Essay Example

Once upon a time, I believed everyone in America had equal rights, but I was wrong. I look around me and I see that my interest as a young adult is only acknowledged if somebody can get a vote.  If I vote the person who says they have my interest at heart can change his views immediately if he is handed some money from “donors”. Why is America like this? America is not a democracy due to the influence of corporations, the electoral college, and the American people’s lack of power in the government. 

So, what is Democracy? Democracy is “literally, rule by the people” (Dahl,2019). Democracy would put everyone, including college students like me in charge of the government. If there is a new law proposed, then everyone’s vote would have an impact on the law. The majority vote would decide if the law is passed or not. The same regard of a majority vote would be used to decide the induction of a government official from the president or a supreme court justice. Government officials would not be allowed to misuse their power, as voters like me, and the public would vote the corrupt officials out. Unfortunately, the American political system does not follow that form of government even though it claims it does. 

Another reason that democracy does not exist in America is because of corporate interest. For example, I am a child of the 21st century, so all I ever grew up with is the internet so when the Federal Communication Commission said they were going to take away Net Neutrality, a policy that  prevents the internet from being controlled by Internet Service Providers I emailed my local congressman, a democrat, and expressed that I do not want the policy to be taken away. Democrats at first said they would stand with the young adults like me and Americans who support Net Neutrality. Brian Fung (2017) who writes for Washing Post stated, “Voice of the People, a nonpartisan polling organization, concluded that 83 percent of Americans do not approve of the FCC proposal.

Just 16 percent said they approved” (Fung, 2017). However, when corporations such as Verizon and Comcast realized that the policy, they approve of will be opposed by the views of people lawmakers might make a policy that will keep Net Neutrality the corporations started to send money to the democrats. Then right before my eyes, I saw democrats who supported my view, saying that “the repeals of Net Neutrality would not affect the internet use, “or it is actually beneficial for Americans to not have Net Neutrality”. Currently, I still oppose the repeal of Net Neutrality, but as of now Democrats are still reluctant to try to change the outcome or make any laws opposing the repeal. The corporate interest won in that regard and everyone who was against the repeal lost. In conclusion, corporations have a huge influence in changing the government’s view which impacts democracy because it gives corporations more power over lawmakers who decisions then impact the people. 

The American people lack power in their government. For example, if I wanted a policy in my government to change, I would have to talk to a representative who then is influenced by their political party. Since I am conservative, and I live in Democratic Maryland if I talked to my state representatives about the policy of religion, and how I believe that the government should not be allowed to restrict religious freedoms. People should be allowed to publicly display their religion, but if it is not a policy supported by Democratic party there is chance that my view will not be honored by my state’s lawmakers.

Though I am a conservative I do not have a political party that I identify with, so when the recent talk about gun laws needing to be stronger came up through the people, I thought the government would change the laws as I assumed that changing the law will be beneficial to all Americans. I am not the only person with these views of gun control policies. According to New Gallup's R. J Reinhart, “Sixty-one percent of Americans favor stricter laws on the sale of firearms” (2018). Yet, The Republican side of congress who like the current gun laws said that changing the gun laws will end the second amendment, therefore ignored my views as a citizen. The fact that lawmakers can uplift their own views over the people show that the American people lack control in the government and an absence of democracy.  

The presence of the Electoral College limits the rights of the people. For example, when Donald Trump got elected his victory did not come from the majority vote as most people voted for the other opponent but from the Electoral College. "When voters go to the polls in a Presidential election, they are voting for the slate of electors vowing to cast their ballots for that ticket in the Electoral College” (Electoral College Fast Facts. (n.d.) Which explains why Donald Trump’s election caused a big uproar as the people felt their vote did not impact the election. I feel that if my vote would not count toward the actual election and the Electoral College is voting for my state then my rights are being violated.  Electors are not restricted by any law, but the more representation a state has meant more electoral who can defeat the votes of a small state. Why should Americans still have a system that was established in the 17th century deciding who wins the presidential election. I believe that electoral system still exists to limit the people impact in the government this further explains the lack of democracy in the American. 

Many people do argue that the American people do have a big role in the government. The people elect representatives who they believe share a similar view and will represent them in the government. However, I believe the government officials we elect only want our votes, then after that the representative can choose to serve the people, or their own political interest depending on their party. Additionally, some people believe that the Electoral College is democratic. If there was no electoral college, there might be a large state that will elect the president. I believe that large states do have an impact on the elections, but there are millions of Americans who vote, and their votes can still change the results of the election.  I believe that if there were no more Electoral College, then people would vote more because the people would have the power in the government. 

Democracy is not accessible to the American people because of corporations, Electoral College, and the people decreased power in the government. Power in the government is only given to those who are higher in the social class. Additionally, I believe that elected officials in the government tend to ignore the people views if there are not in relation to their political party. Furthermore, corporations have a major influence in American government by giving officials we elect in power money which impacts their views in decision making. The Electoral College undermines the right of people to vote since they elect our president. I believe that Americans should open their eyes to see that democracy does not exist in our country.



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