Essay on the Role of the Supreme Court

Essay on the Role of the Supreme Court
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📌Published: 15 September 2021

The U.S Supreme Court plays a very important role in our Constitution as it is the highest court in America and it is the last attempt for those seeking justice. The Supreme Court also protects civil rights and liberties by denying laws that violate the constitution.

Currently the U.S  Supreme Court has one chief justice and eight associate justices. These justices have been appointed to their role by the president and are confirmed by the senate. Majority of the time the judges and justices are in office for life. The Supreme Court follows how the constitution was written by our founding fathers, which says that “justices hold their office during good behavior”; therefore, justices serve a life term. It's unknown whether this has a positive or negative effect on the Supreme Court System. As there are many pros which include that a judge can be elected at any age and there are no politically motivated retirements. While the cons include lack of independence and the Supreme Court doesn't solve everything brought before it. Knowing judges and jurists can be elected at any age is a major positive in the way you will know many different types of perspectives will be put in place. A court needs different perspectives from all ages but that will always result in a lack of independence. Although there isn't any political retirement it doesn't solve all of the issues courts have as there could still be politically motivated decisions without the judge and justices getting fired. (Joseph D, Lyons, June 10th 2018) Even though the judges and justices of the U.S Supreme Court serving in office for life have some issues many people think it will cause more if they try to change it. 

In my personal opinion I believe that this system needs to change. The U.S Supreme Court is the highest court and deals with adressing civil rights issues, this of course means there should be little to no room for error. As time goes on the world changes which comes with the fact that peoples opinions change. For example I disagree with a U.S Supreme Court judge being born in 1950 and still in office in 2021. (thegreenpapers, May 26th 2021) The nineteen fiftys were a extremely different time than the two thousands today. So much has changed and popular opinions from that time period are different than todays opinions. We shouldnt risk failing at giving justice where it belongs because of a opinion that the world used to have. This is why I have no doubt in my mind that the justices should serve like normal citizens do for their jobs in office. 

Overall it can be said that the U.S Supreme Court stystem isnt perfect, there may be some problems but the progress, fortune and justice it has provided for America is undeniably incredible. In conclusion we know the way the system is put in place now works in favor of its purpose implementing justice for people who fight for it.

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