Aladdin Comparison Paper - A Government Essay Example

There are many shows and movies out there. There are few types of government out there. But, some shows and movies show those types of governments. The movie “Aladdin” shows the four main types of government; monarchy, theocracy, democracy, and dictatorship. Let me further explain the governments, and how they played a role in “Aladdin”. 

Monarchy is one of the most obvious governments in the movie. The first hint of monarchy is in an early scene where a prince is coming to visit the princess. The very next scene you can see the actual king, or sultan, and the princess. The monarchy is very religious, as explained in the next paragraph.

The next form of government shown is theocracy. The theocracy shown in the movie is mixed with monarchy. The sultan is obviously very religious, and mentioned a few times a god named ‘Allah’. The town is also very religious, and has very religious weddings, as shown with the prince and the princess.

The next, and the worst, form of government is dictatorship. This form of government was the second least obvious government in the movie, as it was shown at the end of the movie for a short period of time. Jafar was the dictator for a short period at the end of the movie, which ended quickly when he turned himself into a genie. Jafar also demanded the guards to kidnap Aladdin in the middle of the movie, when he tried to collect the lamp.

The final form of government was the least obvious, and shown in ONE clip. This form of government is democracy. The only shown time of democracy is when Aladdin’s final wish is to free the genie. This is also where Jafar gets his wish to become a genie.

Aladdin is a great example of governments, and it requires you to actually LOOK. The four main forms of government are all still shown today. It’s very interesting, because the movie takes place in Saudi Arabia, which has a lot of theocracies, and the movie is mostly theocratic. These four main types of governments were interesting to learn, and even more interesting that they are in a children’s movie.



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