Why the United States Need More Regulations on Gun Control Essay Example

Why the United States Need More Regulations on Gun Control Essay Example
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📌Published: 06 June 2021

Gun control is such a divisive issue in America because we don't have many regulations in our country, therefore we have a lot of mass shootings compared to other countries. I believe that something needs to be done. I don’t think we should ban guns, but we should put more restrictions on them.  I also believe that the number of mass shootings is way too high for our country and laws need to be put into place to get these numbers down.

Why is gun control such a problem in America, it’s because we have reoccuring mass shootings compared to the rest of the world.   This should be a concern to everyone because you never know when the next shooting is going to occur.  In the article there is a  picture of a man with one gun that says, “Second amendment according to the founding fathers” and the other picture shows a man with multiple of guns and says “Second amendment according to the NRA”. I feel this picture expresses exactly what is wrong with the NRA, allowing multiple guns owned by the same person.  The NRA is the National Rifle Association and they believe you should be able to own as many guns as you want.   An example of why people should not own multiple guns is the shooting that took place in Las Vegas in 2017, when a man started shooting at a concert crowd from a hotel room and shot over 1,100 rounds.  This shooting alone killed 58 people and left 851 injured.  No one should have that many guns to do that much damage. Not to mention a background check should of been done on this person because he had mental issues and maybe this could have been eliminated from the start.

Trying to get more laws into place has been a major hurdle for lawmakers.  Some text evidence to support that would be, ”They say that people have the right to arm themselves for hunting, self-defense, and sport—or just because they want to.”   A Lot of people in the country will disagree.  People in the city are gonna think differently than people in the country and that’s why this is such a hard topic for the American people.   

I think the nation has to come together on this issue.  It’s been going on to long and I'm glad people are finally starting to stand up to it.  Never should a crowd of 22,000 people have to be scared for their life because someone with mental issues decides to take multiple guns and continuously shoot at people.  We as Americans should be able to attend games, concerts and other fun activities and not have to worry for our life.  

This proves many points of this article because there are pros and cons of banning guns and putting restrictions on guns. Criminals are known for stealing so they will probably get a gun with the banning of guns. Sure there won't be as many mass shootings but there would still be shootings and the good people with the guns would not be able to protect themselves but that’s why this is a diverse situation.

In conclusion we can infer that gun control has been in question for many years and is still in question.   It is such a diverse decision and opinion all over the U.S.A.  The US will have to come together and make a decision.  The fact that the US has the most mass shootings in the whole world is crazy to think about because we also have the most freedom in the world.


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