The Unwanted Teenage Pregnancy Essay Example

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  • Published: 25 May 2021
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In today’s world, many hear  heartbreaking stories about unwanted teen pregnancies. Often, teenagers are pressured to drop out of high school because of embarrassment or too much stress. As these babies grow up, they are constantly told and reminded, they were unwanted and not planned. This is heartbreaking for a kid to hear day after day. In today’s generation, after a guy gets a girl pregnant, half of the men end up leaving or not being a part of the infant's life. This leads to the woman being forced to carry the fetus and support him or her until the proper age. Although some arguers say birth control is unhealthy, it prevents many unwanted pregnancies and is a clear solution to many of today's problems. 

Very few people really understand the definition of abortion. Abortion is the termination of an infant before coming into the world. Although not yet born, the fetus has a heartbeat, hence, when getting an abortion, the living and breathing infant is losing their life. Countless teens feel pressured to make these decisions because they believe it is the better and smarter choice than the fetus growing up in a bad home. With birth control being available over the counter at local pharmacies and offices, it will prevent these unwanted pregnancies. Statistics show that over half of teens have sexul intercourse before the end of their teenage years. The chances of getting pregnant are tremendous. In fact, “3 in 10 teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20. That’s nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year” (11 Facts). The thought alone about teenagers getting pregnant is frightening, but pregnancy at a young age can also cause drop outs. “About 70 percent of all students who drop out of school early, do so because of teen pregnancy” (Drop Out Rates). These rates and statistics are surprisingly high and fills many with dismay. When starting a life, a good education is needed, and very few jobs accept employers with few to no education. Therefore, birth control being available over the counter, will prevent many confusions and difficulties.

A sufficient amount of adults preach that childhood is the easiest part of life. Nine out of ten teenagers at Manton Consolidated Schools said they are currently stressed. Every minute of the day, students’ minds race with any number of given stressors. Adding a kid to the situation makes the teenage years five times more stressful.  A newborn until the age of 18, costs on average two hundred thousand dollars. As a teenager, that is a lot of money. To prevent these costly and stressful situations, birth control being available over the counter is a clear solution. Approximately 30 percent of teenagers would get on birth control pills if available. Although parental consent is not needed, the pills still have to be prescribed by a medical office or doctor. Most students and young adults don't have the knowledge or time to make an appointment and attend. Making these pills available at local pharmacies and stores, are the obvious answer. 

Arguers may agree upon that making birth control available over the counter may make teen sex more frequent and is unhealthy overall. Those who are opposed, believe the pill reduces quality of life, moods, and women's well being. Studies have shown the slight mood changes, but the good outweighs the bad. Birth control pills not only can reduce teen pregnancy, but can also help with premenstrual syndrome- a condition which causes migraines, cramps, and mood swings. Although young, the teenage years can be the most sexually active period of one's life. In fact, many adults regret how sexually active they were in high school. Young adults being sexual active can lead to concerning consequences. Arguers also believe that these young teens aren't knowledgeable enough to have the decision to be on birth control. Although birth control does prevent pregnancies, it does not prevent STDs. To help kids be informed of the consequences of having unsafe sex, the age limit to buy birth control pills at local pharmacies should be 16. Although 16, is young, it is the age of consent and is the most sexually active time of one's life. Those who are opposed also believe that birth control being available over the counter would be encouraging sexual activity, but in reality, it is the conclusion to being safe. Teenagers are going to have sex, it is whether they do it safe or not. Birth control being available over the counter would be the safer and healthier design for all. 

All in all, the clear solution to teen pregnancies in today's world, would be birth control pills for women being available over the counter. When bringing up the topic, birth control, many initial thoughts go to sex. Many see birth control as a way to avoid pregnancy, but it also helps with premenstrual syndrome. Teenagers go through struggles every day and very few people actually notice. Many parents often get caught up in work and other life conflicts, they often forget to check up on their son or daughter. Many young women have to hide emotions and collisions that appear in their daily lives. Often times teenagers have issues communicating their problems and expressing their feelings. With birth control being available over the counter, it can help with the communication problems and the mood swings that occur. Not only does it help with the bipolarness of a woman, birth control is a safer way of sex and is healthier overall.



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