Three Theories on How the Pyramids Were Made: Ancient Egypt Essay Example

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The pyramids of Giza are very interesting and we don’t know everything about them one of those things is how they were built. There are tons of theories ranging from Aliens to pouring liquid limestone concrete to cement the pyramids. Most theories have little evidence and mostly assuming and speculation. However even though some theories are really bizarre, they all have one thing in common, and that is a sense of closure. 

That is why people make so many theories and ideas because it gives us a sense of closure. Some very popular theories include Aliens, people think it is aliens because of the technology at the time. Another very popular opinion is that the Egyptians poured liquid limestone concrete; this is also because of the technology they had at the time. The final theory I will prosent is that they cut out chunks of land and carried it to their spots; this is because of many reasons.


One theory on how the pyramids were built is aliens. It sounds like a stretch, and it is, but it is a real theory that many people believe, but most of them are conspiracy theories. That does mean it isn’t interesting though. Some theories believe it is alien because when the pyramids were made, it would be impossible with the technology that they had at the time. The technology they had to make the pyramids would be copper tools and rope to pull the blocks to their spot. They think it had to be ancient aliens that gave them the pyramids. Also, out of the 7 wonders of the world, the pyramids are the only ones that are still mostly intact and they are the oldest. 

They think it would be impossible with what they had at the time for them to make a structure that could be built in 20-30 years with just men, and it would still be intact thousands of years later. So the only way for them to do this is by having a more advanced group(like aliens) make it for them. Another reason why they think it might be aliens is because some believe the pyramids may date back around 12,500 years ago when the Egyptians came around 5,100 years ago. Which means someone(or something) might have made it before them. Also some believe that their pharaohs may have been aliens because of the way the skull was shaped. 

Pouring Liquid Limestone concrete 

Some people believe that the pyramids were made by pouring Liquid Limestone concrete, this is because they didn’t have wheels yet so they would have had to drag the blocks if it was carved out. They would have had to drag 400 blocks a day! The reason why it could be poured and molded like cement is because they could be placed in wooden molds. One big problem with this theory is that it is a lot of assuming and it’s more about disproving other theories to make this theory make more sense. So that is why it is so hard to really prove this theory with a lot of evidence. However It would make sense assuming it only took 20 years to make others wise it should have taken much longer because every block would weigh at least 2,000 pound and at most 5,000 pound which would take many years longer to do depending on how many workers. 

Cutting out Blocks of the Ground and Dragging it  

The final theory I will be presenting is the theory that they cut out chunks of land and carried it to their spots on the pyramids. This could work because they made a “ramp system” where they would be able to pull and drag the heavy blocks a little bit easier. When This is what Yannis Gourdon, co-director of the joint mission at Hatnub(the place they found the ramp system), “Using a sled which carried a stone block and was attached with ropes to these wooden posts, ancient Egyptians were able to pull up the alabaster blocks out of the quarry on very steep slopes of 20 percent or more.” 

This basically means that there was a sled that would help carry the block and it would be attached to ropes that would pull up blocks. When they made their discovery they found out that it was 4,500 years old! When they had to drag the stones to the sleds they probably poured water on the sand that the block would go on. This is because when you apply water to sand it makes it hard and it stiffens. So if something heavy like, a stone like block, it wouldn’t build up and make it harder to move. So it would make sense if they applied water to the sand.


The pyramids are a wonderful mystery that we may never know the answer to. From how they were made to why they were made, it is very interesting to research and learn about.



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