Essay on North Korea's Denuclearization

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  • Published: 13 May 2021
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The Netherlands had quite an opinion on North Korea's denuclearization. Dutch Politician Bert Koenders expressed serious concern about this act. ‘This is yet another reckless act at a time of rising international tensions,' he said. Nuclear testing is beyond. They ruin the region and the wider world and are unacceptable.' The government needs to realize that it's provocations will further isolate North Korea and harm its people, according to Mr Koenders. We will be closely involved in this situation as a member of the Council. We will follow developments as they unfold and work towards resolving the crisis. "Countries must comply with the existing sanctions against North Korea by the Security Council. The sanctions announced by the UN last month will raise pressure on North Korea.

On September 3, 2017 the Security Council proposed a resolution for nuclear testing, repeated missile launches and the threat these activities pose to peace and stability in the region and the wider world, the Security Council passed its resolution. The resolution imposes restrictions on North Korea's ability to import crude oil and prohibits the country from exporting textiles. Mr Koenders described the resolution as' a clear and united signal from the international community to reverse North Korea's course. He added:' North Korea has increased the isolation of the country by repeated and unacceptable violations of its international obligations. Indeed, the course it is pursuing harms its own people's well-being. The regime in North Korea They must stop their provocations, end their nuclear and ballistic programs and return to the negotiating table. '' Pressure and dialog are the right ways of achieving a lasting solution, ' continued Mr Koenders. The ministers have agreed impose new EU sanctions and to continue urging third countries to enforce the existing UN sanctions effectively. 

The main reason we are where we are today is because North Korea has walked away from every denuclearization agreement ever reached. The government clearly wants nuclear weapons more than any incentive. So we can try Eliminating the military programs, but it may not be possible, but it will require a phased approach that will take years. In addition, verification of the elimination of the military programs will be almost impossible unless North Korea is prepared and willing to cooperate.



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