Public Health and Individual Freedom Essay Example

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  • Published: 15 September 2021
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Are we endangering public freedom and health by going to their extremities? There is an argument to be made that freedom is nothing worth exchaningin anything for . Many would argue how its long history of being denied towards others is proof of why it’s so priceless. The best way to display this right being taken away is slavery. Slavery which unfortanely in ceratain places still exists, embodies the valuability of freedom. Public health is vital to many people as well.  Pandemics such as the flu, aids, covid-19, and many more before them explain the multiple health rules and regulations. Specific laws for contagious diseases are in place to disrupt the spread of them.  However many people have felt the public health laws restrict the freedom they have. The other side of the arguments believes the opposite, that freedom is causing these viral diseases to spread. Consistently each argument associates blame to the other for their issues. However I do believe no solution can be found unless some common ground is agreed upon. With each side constantly denying the others strategies and also ideas. A solution can be found but if both sides are arguing and none are listening then there is no use for trying to argue at all. 

Furthermore, the conversation has multiple topics that do apply to how members of the facing opposition feel. Such as gun control , climate, and currently in the covid-19 epidemic. Their perceived notions of laws and having different ideas of common good both have all been different reasons why the argument has no solution.  My faith in my judgment has led me to believe what has plagued this argument for many years, lack of honesty.  Lies have intruded the hidden truths of the members of this vindication. It's almost as if the falsehood that's been placed by consistent lies has caused somewhat of a riptide. Except the riptide has made the words empty due to an absence of passion of meaning. Whether it’s businessmen or politicians speaking on the matter the jargon is repetitive and the body language projects of how little they care.  Where the freedom side proclaims a lot of the pandemic laws or pollution laws which connect to fossil fuels as well as gas emissions. However they won’t mention the money being earned from fossil fuels as well as gas emissions is the real reason. Fear of losing their generational wealth from sources such as oil is frightening to them which the freedom argument is their protective barrier. Public health isn’t perfect either, they use those that have been in accidents as well as survived severe illnesses as an advantage. Using actual survivors  not because they’re empathetic but to add appeal to their reasoning. It's sickening how both sides are taking equity and lives and using them as paws just to gain tactical advantages. Whether it's personal or business.


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