Fast Food Argumentative Essay: Why You Should Avoid it

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  • Published: 01 May 2021
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Imagine this: You are hungry and you glimpse at a bright, yellow and a red McDonalds sign. You drive towards the sign and when you reach at their restaurant, you open the ringing door and smell a sweet and pleasant odor. Suddenly, the aroma of a tasty burger comes up to you and you go straight to the counter. You order a burger and when it is ready in just a few moments, you devour the cheesy burger like a hungry lion. Then, the burger is so addictive that you want to buy more with a large soda glass and some tasty, hot fries with some ketchup, too! This sounds like an amazing meal, right?

Well, as a matter of fact, these tasty and delicious food product would be an unhealthy bad decision to add into a diet. These food products that are ready in just a few minutes are called fast food; they are made in many different and close locations, such as these: McDonalds, Chick 5, Jack in the Box,and many more! Even though this time saving fast food products seems helpful to people at sometimes, fast food products also carry a lot of disadvantages that outweigh the advantages of fast food products. Overall, fast foods are not a great idea to add into a diet. This is due to the facts that fast foods are not healthy options, fast foods also tend to have a lower food quality, and additionally, consuming fast foods changes the structure of the society over a period of time.

To begin with, consuming fast foods is not going to result in being a good idea to add in a healthy diet. One meal consumed at a fast food restaurant is equal and sometimes can exceed the amount of calories to be consumed for a daily intake level. A popular unhealthy fast food restaurant is McDonald's. There are a lot of tasty food products there to gobble down. However, they are not healthy at all. For example, chicken salad is one food product made and served in McDonalds; it has 390 calories, 1,300 milligrams of sodium and lastly 26 grams of fat! (14 Fast Food Pros and Cons). Although the fast food product seems healthy, the sodium level is very high for a single meal. The daily intake for the amount of sodium is: less than 2,300 milligrams. To add on, fast food can result in diseases, mainly obesity. Jim White, RD, ACSM, owner of the Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios, states, “The high calorie intake can lead to obesity, which puts you at risk for developing chronic diseases.” (

All that sugar and fats in the food product make people tempted to eat more; as they are eating more of these full of sugary and fatty food products, they are getting obese. Last but not least, fast food locations show mystery ingredients under the food product. Ingredients in a fast food restaurant are not always published in an easily accessible way. Some people have to ask the manager for the ingredient book to know more about the food product the restaurant is serving. Did you know that the fast food location, McDonalds, have 19 ingredients in the fries that they make, which are served all over the United States location? (14 Fast Food Pros and Cons).

To add on, fast foods tend to have a lower quality of their food produce. To explain, the fast food is made, which is then frozen till the serving time. Then, when the consumer orders food, the same frozen food product is reheated and then served to the consumer. This is part of the reason why the price is very low while purchasing fast foods and also why it is served very fast. Freezing and reheating can be unhealthy; the fast food product can be limited with less fresh meat and nutritious, organic vegetables. (14 Fast Food Pros and Cons). Additionally, the low quality food products that are made in fast food restaurants can lead to diseases in the future. Over a long term, eating reheated food and changing in a fast food diet could raise the percentage of getting insulin resistance and even later in the future, type 2 diabetes.

That is not safe, right?  ( Just as importantly, consuming fast food products that have been frozen can additionally develop depression sometimes in some people. The Public Health Nutrition Journal states, “Consumers of fast food, compared to those who eat little or none, are 51% more likely to develop depression.” ( Depression could put people in a very unhealthy mood disorder. Depression affects the way people feel, think, and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems, such as these: Having trouble doing normal day-to-day activities, and also sometimes feeling as if life is not worth living. Is grabbing fast food better than a good, robust life?

Last but by no means the least, eating fast food changes the structure of the society over a period of time. Some policies in fast food restaurants do not allow families to stay for a long time. The text, “14 Fast Food Pros and Cons” states, “ You may have a 20-to-30-minute time limit enforced’’ Well, that is not a long time to socialize with others! People would be more focused on munching down their food! Additionally, eating fast foods take away the quality time with the family. Families do not get to bond or spend quality times at mealtimes in fast food restaurants. Well, is that fair?  ( In the end, consuming fast foods requires discipline. This is because to order limited healthy items among a lot of other tasty and delicious unhealthy items in a fast food restaurant would need discipline; going off in the world without discipline would ruin the structure of the society! (14 Fast Food Pros and Cons). 

However, on the other hand, purchasing fast food can save time. Meals are delivered in just minutes and require little waiting. The text, “14 Fast Food Pros and Cons’’ states, “ That means you can get in, grab a meal for the entire family, and get out in 30 minutes or less at many locations.” Fast food restaurants are located everywhere and people can find and eat food faster than making their own food at home! But, after getting food from a fast food restaurant once, it becomes very addictive; all of those calories, fat, sugar, and salt tempt people to eat more and more of the food product, even if they are full. Eating a lot of fast food can cause consumers to lose their control over regulating hunger. The text, “” states, “All that fat, sugar, and salt makes it taste amazing, which activates the release of the pleasure hormone dopamine.’’ Overall, is saving today’s time better, instead of holding on to a healthy diet and disease-free life in the future?

In the end, what do you think about fast foods? Do you think that it should be added into a diet to make people unhealthy? If people have a goal to be healthy, they should follow a nutritious diet, and should put aside the idea of eating fast foods products. This is because fast foods are not healthy options, they tend to be served in a lower quality and consuming fast food products changes the structure of the society. So, to the people reading this and who want to be healthy and who want to maintain their diet, I seriously recommend that you should never indulge in consuming fast food products!



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