My First College Exam Essay Example

Click. Click. Click. I select the answers I believe to be right. The test is examining my competence in writing, reading, and math. This exam was going to decide if I could start college classes at fifteen. I know in the back of my mind that I was going to do great, but an overwhelming amount of anxiety was present. I sit in an empty computer lab finishing up this exam. I make sure I find the main idea’s and carry the ones. After an hour and a half, I hit the submit button. My scores pop up on the screen, but I have no idea what they mean. I press the print button and hope the high numbers mean something good. I grab the sheet from the front counter and head outside. My mom sits and deciphers what the numbers mean and tells me that I had passed. I was so excited that once I had gotten in the car, I began looking at what classes I could take. As I was scrolling through the sciences, I say the Emergency Medicine Associates. I knew instantly this is what I wanted to take.

I have always wanted to do something in the medical field, and this was simply it. I told my mom about it and the next Tuesday, we were up at Polk State registering for classes. We got all the gear I need. I couldn’t hold in my excitement. My first class was the next day. 

For my first class, I was a ball of nerves. I walked to the right room and had sat somewhere in the middle. As I sat, my knee bounced up and down, only to stop when I had consciously told it to. The class started with a quick orientation and then we were into the class. I sat loving every minute as we spoke about the EMS system. My hand flew across the paper as I jotted down notes. We finished going over our chapters and we were herded into the skills' lab. I did not know it but I was going to be spending plenty of hours in here. They had the high-fidelity manikin's all set up and going. Jump bags were sitting on all the tables. They had everything ready for all of us to look around at. I have learned so many things in this lab, things that everyone should learn. I can take your blood pressure, give you oxygen, operate an AED and more. After going to class once more, I was told that we’d be having an exam. 

This was going to be my first college exam. I have never been a good test taker. I like to show my skills with actions rather than rack my brain for the correct answer among four. I did not know what to expect. All that I was told was that the exam was going to be one hundred questions, and I cannot miss more the twenty. The EMS program has a two-strike exam policy for the summer course. You take four exams and cannot score below eighty percent on more than one exam. If you get two seventy-nine percent or lower than you would be withdrawn from the program. 

Due to this, I studied extremely hard for this first exam. I re-read all four of the chapters three times, highlighting anything I might find significant. I made flashcards for the vocabulary words and would be going over those during my free time. I studied all the power points that we went over in class and would review my workbook pages. After a week of studying it was the next Wednesday. I had gotten ready and put on my uniform. I entered the build and went upstairs and began studying with a few people from my class. We went over all the content and twelve thirty rolled around. I made my way back to the computer lab where we would take the exam. I sat down at my computer and began the exam. I answered the questions with such confidence. I believe that I would do good. I did not come across a question that I did not think I knew the answer to. 

I finished answering all the questions essentially and went over then once more to see if I was sure. Then I saw the one word that I dreaded, submit. It sat there staring at me tauntingly. I hovered my mouse over the button. No one had finished yet. I sat there urging myself to press the button, but my finger would not click it. Finally, I clicked the button. Anxiety, fear, relief. I felt all these emotions rush over me at once. The computer buffered for a second and then my score had popped up.

A gigantic smile spread across my face as I glanced at my score. I had gotten a ninety-four percent out of one hundred. It felt great to know that I had done so well. All the dread that I felt was for nothing. After I had met up with the rest of my class, I learned that one other person had gotten a higher grade than me. I was filled with pride knowing that I had done so well on an exam that people approximately ten years older than me had struggled with. After two days my score had bumped up to one hundred percent due to a seven-point curve. 

This class has done many good things for me. It has helped me affirm that the medical field is something that I was interested in. I have learned so many useful skills in this class that I will continue to use for my entire life. I feel confident that I can use these skills that I have practiced if a real situation were to arise. I enjoy knowing that if something were to happen that I would be able to handle it. This class has taught me how to handle stressful



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