Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation Essay Example

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation Essay Example
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📌Published: 21 August 2020

On June 29, 2017, it was probably the most drastic change in society. The day the very first Apple iPhone was launched. Over the years, the iPhone has replaced all sorts of gadgets. It has replaced a calculator, compass, credit cards, portable hotspots, notepads, books, cameras, and so much more. It is morphing all of these gadgets we once had to singly carry around into one device. I always hear my parents say, “We didn’t have cell phones at your age.” Hearing that I always thought, that sucks, no way to communicate with your friends and post pictures you take. As I got older, I started to realize, that was the prime society. With no phones, no technology to communicate with. Now we are so caught up with the amount of likes we get on a post and the number of followers this one picture is going to get. 

Social media has become a big factor for the generation of Gen Z. We try and compete with others for the number of followers one has, and how much we post. We constantly are wanting to take pictures at beautiful sceneries because it will be the perfect Instagram post rather than enjoying where you are and whom you are with. It defeats the purpose of enjoying the little things. 

Body image is something people struggle with a lot in general. So, when one takes a photo, they can edit it to tone their stomach and edit out any imperfections. In a survey of 227 female university students, the women had reported that they tend to compare their appearance negatively with their peers and other celebrities. Now, we need to take a break and start to engage in other activities that have nothing to do with appearance and comparing ourselves to other people. Giving up social media altogether may be too big of an ask for most people. Finding landscapes, cute local coffee shops, beautiful gardens, and cute dogs to fill your Instagram feed might just help you remember there is more to life than what you look like.

The rise of technology has made it easier than ever for young people to stay in contact with friends, family, and even strangers all around the world. But there is a dark side to be this connected. Cyberbullying has become more common, especially for teenagers. Online harassment Is online gossip, vicious harassment, and blackmail. What makes cyberbullying so effective is that it can be posted anonymously. It allows these posts to be read by numerous people and for those people and also makes it much easier for other people to chime into the bullying. 

Cyber-Extortion is a form of cyberbullying but usually involves money in return. Some people hack into computers and cell phones to try and find evidence to blackmail someone with. For Instance, one may hack into your computer and they may capture photos from a webcam, as well as screen captures to go along with the photo. The extortionist would then threaten to send the images to everyone online unless the victim pays a high price of money.


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