Social Media Cyber Bullying Essay Example

Social media has been a platform for many individuals over the years and it continues to grow. Social media consists of snapchat, Instagram, twitter, Youtube and more, which is advancing every day. The media has helped many influencers build a career and become role model for young individuals on the internet. However, many people deal with bullying from individuals that feel the need to spread false rumors or pretend to act funny. A lot of people do not realize what individuals go through outside of social media and it’s saddening. Outside of the media a person can go through depression, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, and even anxiety. Social media is supposed to be an outlet for people to express how they feel, be funny, speak to others, and make friends. These things are hard to do when cyberbullying occurs often, and no one speaks up about it. In the past few months. different suicides have occurred recently from Instagram influencers. Things like this happens so randomly and viewers always wonder why, this is because people don’t really know what their life is like outside of social media. Many viewers may not see the reality of different individuals, but they are human too. 

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that occurs online towards people that is oppose as harmful or threatening. Over the years cyberbullying has gotten worst, because social media is the place full of people that voice their opinion and place for entertainment. The media should be a place for public freedom and happiness, but instead it’s a place full of shameful, disgusting people. The bullying naturally occurs in the comments, or under people posts which is shown to thousands of people across the world. Many individuals may look at the comments and laugh or even speak up and help the victim. I believe people who bully others online should get ban from the social media platform because they can be doing this to multiple people. People do not deserve to get bullied by anyone because no one knows what a person is really going through or how much they can take. Therefore, people should really take action about cyberbullying because it will only get worst and more individuals will suffer. Even though social media is a great platform for young individuals, it is always best to stay alert and watch out for the ignorant people causing trouble on different sites. Social media and cyberbullying should never be in the categories, so it is best to spread positivity across each social media platform.



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