Essay on War and Peace

War is a state of armed conflict between nations, states or groups, usually led by someone. War is something that happens unplanned, but inevitably. It can happen anywhere, at any time regardless of the situation it’s causing, nor the damage it does. It affects everyone and everything. It is indestructible, causing death and destruction. So why does it occur?

War and peace are in a way, consequences of actions, words, ideas or goals that a person displays. It depends on the people/opposers who determine whether they are “good” or agreeable. This leads to war or enables peace. For years, people have been in arguments that elevate and eventually lead to war. This is likely to continue happening in the future. At present there is war in many countries in the world. Most reasons for war can be narrowed down to economic, political and military factors. It is in human nature that when we want something, if nothing else works to believe in using force to obtain or fulfill our needs. And in using force, we are inclined to get through anything in our pathway to our view of success. But what if we turned to peace? On the infrequent occurrences when war resided due to peace on both or either sides, it was for the better. When comparing war and peace in any circumstance, when has the former been a better solution? And this is thinking reasonably while considering all aspects. Of course, there is a level of understanding that I don’t have, but it is not inaccurate from a general point of view.

If peace overruled war, there wouldn’t be death of beings. Damage to lives, people, animals, nature, property would be almost nonexistent. There would be less pain and heartache over meaningless fighting. Declaring war is also a display of power and/or dominance. The film “Princess Mononoke” shows the animals living in the forest who defend the forest spirit seeing the humans who oppose them as monsters. When the war ends, the nature that was previously destroyed comes back to life, showing them the beauty of the things they ruined. They show the animals as hopeless unless they fight. In this situation, war was unavoidable, with a power hungry leader opposing the forest. At times like this, war is inexorable. It just comes to show that sometimes, one has to defend oneself unless they are ready to lose everything they have. The film also gives a demonstration of a tyrannical leader (Lady Eboshi) who wants something that will destroy everything. Yet, they won’t give up. 

There can be love found in anything if you try hard enough. We are capable of showing love and maintaining peace to everyone and everything deserving. Not that you should show it to someone who is undeserving of your compassion and attempts unneededly, but everyone deserves a chance to fix their mistakes, whether it be through actions, words or thoughts that they committed it.

I believe that we should try to avoid war at all costs. In the rare position in which war is unavoidable, then take action. Otherwise, peace will always be superior to war.