Human Trafficking And the Equity Behind it. What is Human Trafficking Essay Example

With everything going on in the world, this new generation has so much to worry about whether it is their political views, gender, who they are on the inside, and more. And from 2009- 2014, this number is only going to keep getting bigger if nothing is done about it, but my age group from 18-24 was 46.95 percent of the human trafficking cases are between these ages.  With all of the hardships that this new younger generation faces, this is a constant that is added on to our plates, even though this should never be something that someone has to worry about ever. According to, there are thought to be over hundreds of thousands of human trafficking victims that are out there working in horrid conditions and having to do horrifying acts. The equity of the situation is horrible because nobody is safe and free from being human trafficked, there may be certain people who are more susceptible to being human trafficked, but nobody is safe ever.

Yahoo Finance did a study to conduct the top 15 states that are the most dangerous and have the most human trafficking cases in the country. Obviously, the one that stood out the most was Michigan, I thought the state was fairly calm, away from a lot of dangerous things, but it was listed as the 7th most dangerous state.  In 2019 alone the state recorded 364 human trafficking cases throughout the state (Haqqi, 2020). The scary part about this number is most likely in the 500 because a lot of the cases are not found out about until they are either solved or sadly when victims are found dead and never got to say goodbye to anyone. Like any state with big prominent cities, human trafficking is going to be heavily present, even though it is not right, and with Detroit in Michigan, it is hard to avoid things like this no matter how much effort is put into stopping it and preventing it. 

 The number state according to yahoo finance is Florida, and it makes sense because it is a highly populated state with a lot of major cities and tourist attractions. The State recorded a crazy amount of trafficked people with a recorded number of 896 people snatched and trafficked (Haqqi, 2020). Once again this number is most likely well into the 1000s because of the ones that have not yet been discovered. No matter the perception of a state from the outside about the attractions and all the fun that comes with it there are always things that you have to be aware of such as human trafficking. 

 According to an article titled “ Human Trafficking in the US is a much bigger problem than we think,” published on says that law enforcement is only able to produce about 10 percent of the total victims of human trafficking in each area. This is in part due to when victims are surfaced that were trapped in a trafficking ring they are very scared to talk and help the police because they are scared and know what the traffickers are capable of doing to them (Callaghan, 2019).  

Tonya was a victim of human trafficking was one of the few victims who shared her story to help spread awareness on how it can happen to anyone at any time or anywhere. She was just living her day-to-day life going out when one night she ran into Eddie, a neighbor that stayed in the same apartment complex and they hit it off and she went home that night with him. From there it was nothing but happiness and an ordinary relationship she cooked cleaned, they lived together, she looked after his kids, and everything that comes with a strong relationship. But that all changed when they went out to a party filled with drugs and alcohol and Eddie started saying things about how he wanted her to have sex with these random men for money.  After this moment it became a daily routine for them where they would go to bars and she would be a pawn for Eddie’s plan. She would spend night after night in hotels and sleep with countless men that would abuse her to do unspeakable things to her, just because she thought it is what she had to do because she loved Eddie. Eventually, she was saved and Eddie was put into prison for 12 years. Tonya was able to tell her story and spread awareness of such a disgusting and a traumatizing experience that will stick with her for the rest of her life (Human Trafficking Victim Shares Stories, 2020).

This is just one example of millions of boys, girls, women, and men that have been stripped of their families and lives for no reason at all. This is a form of slavery and it happens every day all across the world, people are manipulated and forced to do the unthinkable.  Everyone’s experience is different, some are abused, raped, shipped and so many other cruel acts that nobody should ever have to think about let alone experience something like this.  There are many ways and places that victims can go to talk about their experiences and try to become their normal selves again, but most of the time the experiences they go through are just too much. The B.E.A Shero Foundation conducted a study that found that the human population’s suicide rate is 3 percent. Compared to victims that experienced cruel human trafficking and it was about 23 percent of victims end up committing suicide because the things they were put through and experienced were too hard to live with. This number should be 0 because this should not be an issue that keeps occurring in the world ( Sheroadmin, 2017).

The equity of what is going on in the world and our country is just unfair and not ok to anyone because nobody ever asked to or deserves to be taken from their families and lives to become slaves for projects, sex, work, victims of abuse, etc.  This is something that needs to be talked about a lot more in our country and needs to be addressed to help prevent this from happening as much as possible.  We can do this by educating the younger generation about this so they can become more aware of the problems and how they can protect themselves. We can also provide more training and education to our law enforcement to help with victims and help crackdown on the hotspots of what is going on in this world.  Victims across the world have shared their stories and accounts of their experiences to try and spread awareness and help the youth become educated and help them to stay away from situations that may end up poorly. Even though every case and encounter is different if everyone is more educated it can help prevent suicides and traumatizing experiences for people all across the world.



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