Good and Bad of Using Social Media Essay Example

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  • Published: 18 September 2021
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Social media has its good and bad sides, some people use it to make fake sites, bully people, and stalk people. The good side is, it can help you with certain things, like growing a business at home, get things done for work or school, and build relationships. Everyone has their own opinions about social media. I will speak about why I believe social media is a foe.

Social Media is a waste of time, a whole day can be gone just by spending hours on there. Let’s say you have something important to do, but you don't do it because you are now distracted on social media. You can have a whole day wasted just by being on social media, and let’s say that during that day you had to get things done but you didn't. Most people have to get errands done in person, but then they get distracted by social media. You start to watch videos that aren’t even important. The more you look into social media, the longer you will be on there. Sometimes, you’ll think that the time is still the same time as when you started being on there, but then you see it's late.

Youth who are bullied are at increased risk for depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, lower academic achievement, and dropping out of school. It mostly starts to happen in middle school and high school. They harm their selves in any way. When kids are being bullied, they won't go to their parents nor anyone else because they are afraid. Parents find out later on just when they find out that their kid has committed suicide due to bullying. Kids shouldn’t have to go through that, anxiety builds up along with depression and lack of sleep. They get anxiety because they feel like everyone will bully them, they can't sleep because they know that at school it will happen all the time.

We get addicted to social media, checking up on what others are doing or how they are reacting to our post. The social media is a powerful tool for staying connected in the modern world. But it does not give a full and accurate picture of people’s lives, being more like the trailer of all of their good times and high points. And so, in many ways, the social media version is a false reality.


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