Essay on Wage Gap in the United States and Its Causes

Essay on Wage Gap in the United States and Its Causes
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📌Published: 13 May 2021

Equality does not exist Under the law in the US today. Wage gap, LGBTQ, and Racism is a huge problem in the US today with not being equal. John F. Kennedy once said “If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.”  We have not made our world safe for diversity as he said we should, and that is one thing we need to fix about the US in today’s society.

Wage gap is a huge problem we have in the US today. For every dollar a man makes women only get 80 cents. They get a certain amount per hour so it doesn’t matter how many more hours men work compared to women. In 2017 to change for years and it is only getting to be a bigger deal as time goes on. We do not h if a woman was paid 41,997$ a guy would be paid 52,146 on average. If women were paid the same amount as men were it would result in the poverty rate being cut in half for all working women. Half of women have children under the age of 18 and they are single mothers and don’t have other any earnings to help with their children. If this wage gets fixed as slow as it has been then this issue will be completely fixed in 2059.

That is 40 years until now that woman will get paid less than men would. Nine years ago Kathy Hochul first ran for congress and she began to explain how since she was a female many people didn’t want her to be running for congress. She said “Literally Millions of dollars were spent against me in negative campaign ads.” When Hillary Clinton was running for president Dina Refki said “I was at the grocery store the other day and I saw one of those Tabloid magazines had a gained 150 pounds, but you have not seen this happen to men running. 

LGBTQ in 2019 is a big deal and a huge topic that people talk about in our community. People say that people a part of LGBTQ community has many rights, but I disagree completely. Only 21 states out of our 50 in the US have laws against discrimination. The other 39 do not. (California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Organ, Washington, illinois, Indiana, New York, Ministoda, Road Island, Ceneticit, New Hampshire, Vermont, New jersey, Maryland, DC, Hawaii, Delaware, and Massachusetts). So if you live in those other 39 states and you are apart of the LGBTQ community the you do not have laws protecting you with against discrimination. 

Racism is a big problem in today’s society. People didn’t care to stop this problem until recently. People of color have daily challenges that white people don’t experience, because of their color. When people are more “frightened” or “nervous” when they see people of color because they are stereotyped for being people who are criminals, because that is how they were raised. The only way to end racism is to stop looking at color and to look at people on the inside. If you grew up being scared of people of color then you will teach your kids that too, and the cycle just keeps going and going. 

Wage gap, LGBTQ discrimination, and racism is something in our country that needs to stop. These are problems in the US that have been needingave equality in the US, and it’s up to us to change that.


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