Are There Any Benefits of Immigration Essay Example

Are There Any Benefits of Immigration Essay Example
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📌Published: 08 June 2021

Immigration is the action of an individual from a foreign country coming to live in the U.S. Over the years many people form all over the world have come to the United States. Some move for work, better living standard, or for family reasons. The population has increased over the years which has led to where immigration is now. The United states has been deporting individuals and families who have illegally entered the country. The amount of money has increased since the growth of the population. Fifthteen Latina girls have also took a chance to use their culture to protest against their states new law regarding immigration. 

The Quinceañera protest 

The girls came in with bright, colorful, and flowy dresses and walked the steps of the Texas state capitol building in Austin on Wednesday morning while traditional mariachi style birthday music in the background. Instead of celebrating a birthday, the gathered together to protest about the SB 4 immigration that would go into effect on September 1.

 "We are here to take a stand against Senate Bill 4, the most discriminatory and hateful law in recent history," said Magdalena Juarez, 17, wearing a bright red gown. "When Gov. Greg Abbott signed the bill into law on May 7, he disrespected my community. He put a lot of Texas in danger. SB4 is not only an attack on immigrant communities; it threatens the lives of all people of color." according to

The law allows local Texas enforcement officers to request proof of legal residency during any routine detention- like a traffic stop. Critics declare it as the “show me your papers law.” Officers, Sheriffs, and Police chiefs can also be sent to jail if they don’t allow their officers to participate in any immigration enforcements activities.

Texas has mainstream area for Latinos and those of Hispanic heritage to protest for their rights. Quinceañeras, are a important tradition that bring families together, celebrate culture, and unite communities. Said Juarez, the young speaker. They decided they would not resist the law on a hateful level, but resist it through celebrating their families and their cultures. The girls then filed in the capitol building and talked to the legislators. 


In conclusion, Society is still debating whether immigration is beneficial to our society and economy. The government should brainstorm up different, and safer ways to deal with the issue.

That will not affect innocent people. And allow others who have already come into the country illegally to test to become an American citizen. Hopefully one day this issue can be solved and taken care of so in the future society won’t have to deal with it.


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