Essay Sample About National Council of Negro Women

Black Women…been through lots of conflicts and setbacks, known as not so sharp-witted, seen as not so valuable, and numerous more opinions on black women. After several years of battling to be treated like an ordinary female, Mary Mcleod Bethune, who was an American educator at the time created an organization. The organization was named, “National Council of Negro Women” as short for and known as, “NCNW”. This organization gives hope to negro women, helping to educate them, uplift them, and offer them opportunities. NCNW has been a significant part of black history by, promoting education as well as teaching black women about economic empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Education was something really rare for a black women to get and in order for colored women to strive they had to be educated. Mary Mcleod Bethune made it possible for her organization to provide negro women with the education they deserve. By applying the STEAM careers and learning to their program, it made black women more accessible to STEAM careers consisting of Architect, App designer, Engineer, Animator and lots more, “NCNW seeks to establish a more comprehensive, integrated response to the need for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics education for communities of color. In recognition of the fact that economic stability and career opportunities are enhanced by familiarity with STEAM, NCNW believes it is important to cooperatively plan for and implement measures that will provide greater awareness of STEAM careers and greater access to the paths to those careers.” NCNW Making This all possible by partnering with other multiple organizations focusing on the STEAM careers too. Slowly eliminating the barriers for colored women when it comes to taking part in good career paths and jobs. 

Not only has NCNW supplied negro women with careers and jobs but, they also speak quite a bit about entrepreneurship and promoting it to their ladies. The women get the opportunity to participate in webinars explaining how to run businesses and becoming your own boss, “NCNW has curated the Millennial Entrepreneurs (ME!) webinar series within the context of an ever-changing technological landscape (e.g., social media marketing, email writing strategies, etc.) and with an intentional focus on entrepreneurship and financial literacy. The monthly ME! webinars provide direct training in essential entrepreneurship principles and equip young, burgeoning entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to build and sustain a successful business.” These webinars help women to achieve financial aspirations. Including 15 webinars all speaking on the topic of running a business and financial risk as well. Being your own boss is talked about frequently when it comes to taking part in the NCNW. Coming up with your own ideas and inventions that can suite America, then making you known in history. Making a change for the world to better especially as a black women. 

After years of women needing rights, Mary Mcleod Bethune decided to create an organization that has helped shape and inspire women for almost 9 decades. As it continues today education and leading negro women down the right path, it’s also made a difference in the rights of negro women. Helping the black community, NCNW has been a significant part of black history by, promoting education to negro women and teaching economic empowerment plus entrepreneurship.


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