Essay on Sport and Math Interconnection

In 2018, Patrick Mahomes won the MVP with 50 touchdowns and 5,000 passing yards. Did math play a part in this? In the article from Newsela, How percentages are used in sports talks about the importance of using the right statistics and averages to analyze or compare teams and players. The article from Newsela called A game inches - and metrics justifies that the vast amount of data and utilization of that data has changed the way of playing the game. The article Mathematics in Sports by Jim Wilson explains that players and coaches use formulas to gain success in their respective fields. Therefore, math is an indispensable part of sports.   

To begin with, the article How percentages are used in sports explains how stats and percentages are used in sports to differentiate or inspect players and teams based on data. In the text it says, “ There are certain hard conclusions that the coach in this scenario may have reached based upon the percentage calculations that pertain to Amanda and Claire.” This means that the percentages were derived to determine which player was more important for the team. It shows the crucial decision derived based on the players stats. Also, in the text it says, “ Percentages can be used to compare them, though. The best teams are then picked to play each other.” This means that percentages are a very important way to see who makes it to the tournaments. These depend on the schedules of the teams. Schedules are helpful to show who is a team that has had a tough schedule, but is doing well. Also, one other main factor is how well the team plays on their road games. Therefore, this is how stats and percentages are used to differ or analyze teams and players.

Then, in the article Baseball: A game of inches - and metrics it talks about how a whole lot of data has changed the way people play and coach. In the text it says, “ A new technology statcast is changing baseball. Statcast uses a technology that is also used to follow space shuttles.” This means that 

Therefore, these are the reasons why math must exist in sports. In the article “How percentages are used in sports” it explains that stats are important because mentors can settle on choices about who is great and who is awful so they can settle on choices about who to begin. Also, in the article “Baseball: A game of inches- and metrics” it depicts that players will see how to be great at hitting. They can hit in the perfect spot at the correct time to enable a group to win. Finally, in the article “Mathematics in Sports” it clarifies that individuals can utilize the numerical recipe to discover the separation. Therefore, always remember that math is very critical to sports because it helps people enjoy the game.



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