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  • Published: 14 September 2021
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Discrimination, prejudice, and racism from one person does not dictate the people of an entire community, religion, or country. Single-stories, simplistic and false perceptions we form about individuals and groups of people, these are called stereotypes. The stereotypes and ideologies  may lead us to associate a group of people or an individual in a negative way, unintentionally or intentionally. This is when prejudice occurs, it will guide us astray and promote individuals in a cynical way; along with it, our mindset and way of thinking will change.

Firstly, stereotyping specifically racial profiling is a common atribute to our society, we see it around the globe. An epidemic. Occurs from past experiences with others, takes their traits aside, and treats them as a group rather than individuals. Treating individuals based on others, is wrong and will lead to further societal delay. Mental health will suffer, as will communities and social skills. Furthermore, our societal norms say if you see something, say something, although this may not happen in other parts of the world, especially 3rd world countries.

Secondly, what can be done to prevent this? It does not take a single person to stop this, it needs an entire nation of open-minded and rational people. To bring this epidemic to a halt we must tackle the source which is changing how people perceive us, changing the single-stories, and addressing them with our true selves: we should not let people create a bad image of us, we must show how we want to be perceived. Another solution to this widespread problem is handling the unfortunate situation appropriately and with caution as it may be prone to escalate further.

Thirdly, when you hear the word “terrorist” what do you picture? Chances are not a white person. Many Muslims living in western countries experience this on a daily basis: at school, work, or when grocery shopping. For context, I also have been exposed to stereotyping: when traveling internationally I step aside to be searched for no apparent cause, on the other hand, everyone else gets to go about their day. The idea of muslims as terrorists was apparent before the catastrophic event of 9/11; Arab and Muslim are not interchangeable terms, in fact most Arabs are not Muslim, and most Muslims are not Arab. 

In cessation, must we not unite together and end stereotypes about religions, countries, and communities? Terminate the false perceptions, and develop an accepting community. Stereotypes will always be with us, whether we want them or not, but it is how we deal with them, putting them aside and treating each other as individuals rather than groups; it will make for a better community and shape us as individuals.


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