Remote Control and Modern Cars Essay Example

Remote Control and Modern Cars Essay Example
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📌Published: 05 September 2020

Enter the world of remote control cars and you soon realize that it involves more than popping a few batteries into a remote control and pushing the switch forward. These cars are available in all the different categories as the cars we drive around on the streets. Model cars are built and designed to perform as drifters, 4WD and even racing cars. 

The Importance of Radio Controlled Cars

Radio controlled cars have a way of drawing people out and bringing them together, and these are some of the advantages of this sport. 

Co-ordination: Many people may only see RC cars as a game, while missing the opportunity to use this fun activity to strengthen and develop fine motor co-ordination as well as eye-hand co-ordination. 

Quality time: Many of our customers invest in this hobby as it creates an opportunity for adults to spend quality time with the youngsters, each doing an activity on their level, while they both have fun.

Indoor or outdoor: Radio controlled cars are a fun and can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. So regardless of the weather, you can always set out to have a fun filled day surrounded by like-minded people and enthusiasts.

Problems Northern Beaches Hobby Centre Addresses

Over the years, many businesses have tweaked direction and shifted the focus of what they stock, to be a little more exclusive. We have endeavoured to maintain our reputation as a hobbyist haven, and you are sure to find parts and accessories in our store that you might not find elsewhere.

Variety: We cater for all levels of enthusiasm regarding R/C cars. From purchasing a complete RTF (Ready to drive) model, to intricate and complicate self-assemblies, with parts for the steering, receivers, transmitter and everything in-between.

Brand: We stock all popular brands such as, Xray, Proline, Intellect, Yeah Racing and many more. The companies understand radio control passion and supply products to keep you pumped and ready for next big thrill in radio control fun.

Information and support: Besides stocking a wide selection of books and informative DVDs, we also have a Facebook page with an active community, where you can follow or take part in discussions. If your questions remained unanswered, get hold of us at the store, we will assist you as best we can.

IF you are considering getting into this exciting world and would like to order a remote control car, call us and we will explain the various options available to you. Once you are ready to buy a remote control car pop in or visit our online store. We have n impressive selection for you to choose from, all backed by exceptional aftersales service and suppliers who share our passion for supplying quality and variety. From a complete RTR car to the smallest spare part available, we have got you covered.

About Northern Beaches Hobby Centre

We have been servicing the Hobbyist community for over 17 years, with various forms of remote controlled cars, boats, planes, plastic or wooden kits, rockets and so much more. Our products are high quality   backed by exceptional sales service.

Don’t give up on your hobby and passion, give us a call, let us help you source that elusive part or accessory.


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