Environmental Issues Essay Example: Climate Change

Have you ever thought  about what climate change has been doing? Climate change has affected many living things. Climate change is a big effect that is very dangerous to anyone worldwide. Animals, The global health, and wild life is a big part of this.  

Animals are one of the most affected; they are losing food and they are losing where to stand. In the text “What are the most important consequences of climate change?” It says that the globe is starting to heat up and melting  the arctic and is affecting polar bears because they are not able to get food. It also says that the polar bears are having to starve because they are not able to catch seals. This is just one example and one animal that is being affected There are plenty more that are affected. like in the amazon all of the animals that are or where in the path of the fire had to move and had to find new places to find food. All of the things that are creating climate change is hurting lots of animals and environments.

Global health is also one of the important factors that are being affected. The sea levels are rising and making land disappear. In the text it shows a chart that Iceis melting because the climate has risen and the water from the ice is making land disappear. It is also affecting people with the colors that they rely on to make food. We need to do something about this and not just the animals we need to try to help this problem out and try to make it worse.

And lastly, climate change is creating lots of problems like forest fires. The earth is heating up witch is making the earthworm and its making wildfires. This is also making the earth hotter by when the trees burn. It is releasing CO2 in the air and heating up the air and creating all of the things that I was talking about. Climate change is a big problem and it needs to try to slow down or else more wildlife berns.

Climate change is affecting everyone in the world and not just us wildlife to like plants, animals, land, and the globals health. This is the reason why we need to try to do something to try to stop this and prevent this from getting worse than what it is already. Because this could get very bad later on if we continue to go like this.



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