The Importance of Recycling Essay Example

I think the best way of dealing with waste to protect the environment is to encourage recycling. There are two examples of recycling. One example is to recycle plastic waste. To reduce plastic waste, recycling is the best way because it is better for the environment than incinerating them. According to Ritchie, H.(2018), “Recycling had the lowest global warming potential and energy use across nearly all of the studies. From an environmental perspective, recycling is usually the best option.”

The other one is to recycle used paper. We use a lot of paper and do not recycle them because there are no “paper only” trash boxes around us. We usually recycle used magazines and newspapers but we don’t do pieces of paper. To reduce paper waste, we have to recycle pieces of paper. According to the Ministry of the Environment (2019), “the percentage of recycling plastic is 70% but of recycling paper is 40%”. The rate of recycling paper is really low so we should recycle them more.

However, there are some opposing opinions about recycling. One of them is that we can’t recycle plastic waste permanently. Ritchie, H.(2018) said that “much of the plastic we recycle can only be recycled once or twice.” However, it is clear that recycling is better than incineration and landfill. 

Also, someone may say that gathering unnecessary paper is hard. However, to protect the environment, we have to reduce paper waste. For example, to gather unnecessary paper, we can set up gathering paper boxes at school or office. It is one of the ways to recycle.

In conclusion, gathering and recycling plastic waste are making progress so we have to continue them and keep in our mind to wash plastic after you use it to recycle it easily.


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