Essay About Dogs. How Can You Not Like Dogs?

Everyone loves dogs right? Wrong! Well, dogs are cute but maybe they aren’t everyone’s favorite. Actually, a lot of people have a great fear of dogs. Being afraid of dogs is called cynophobia, in fact, about five percent of Americans will have a intense panic attack at the sight of a dog! One reason why people are afraid of dogs is based on religion, race, or even geography (their culture basically) so, if someone had a first-hand account of being attacked by a dog or seeing someone get attacked by a dog that is why they might be afraid of dogs. But another main reason is because of a chemical imbalance in some people’s bodies, these chemical imbalances cause mental disorders like anxiety and even obsessive-compulsive disorder. A therapist (Kasey Brown) found that that is a reason. So, if you are afraid of dogs what should you do? Specifically, a “treatment” called exposure and response prevention (ERP) is the most effective way to help cynophobia. It is a good idea to face what your fear is. In ERP therapy you will start out slow and doing things that won’t badly trigger fear of dogs. You would probably start off with hearing a story about a dog and then progress, eventually, you might be able to be around dogs without freaking out. It just takes some therapy and you will most likely end up being okay!

I chose this article because i personally love dogs! I have a dog of my own (his name is gunner). The article was interesting because I didn’t know it took therapy to ge over the fear of dogs. The article made me feel excited to learn about anything with dogs! My opinion didn’t change after reading this article because, I still love dogs and I never was scared of them. I thought the article was true because I know some people that are afraid of dogs. I never really understood why unless they had a bad in-counter with a dog but, from this article I understand better why they could be afraid. A way to help Cynophobia is taking it slow. You should not be in a rush to conquer this phobia. Some dogs can be scary and mean but most are good. Not every dog is a threat and taking exposure to dogs slowly is a good idea because, then you can maybe find a liking to dogs in the future.



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