Benefits of the Industrial Revolution Essay Example

The Industrial Revolution was a period of rapid industrial growth spanning the 1760’s to the 1840’s in England. During the Industrial Revolution, many people saw life-altering improvements to society. Suddenly factories were able to mass produce many of life's necessities. Due to the overflow of goods, prices plummeted and the availability of jobs skyrocketed. The Industrial Revolution was beneficial to 19th century England because of the overall improved quality of life, life-altering inventions, and the mass surge of produce.

The Industrial Revolution oversaw improvement of life for many. During the Industrial Revolution, English citizens began to get more wheat then French men (Document 1). All needed resources began to become mass-produced, more stock improved life. This was beneficial for England because more people were fed. Everything that was needed became cheaper and affordable because of the Industrial Revolution (Mr. Brown). Needed goods became more affordable, which in turn boosted the economy and food became plentiful. Although the quality of life was improving for many, more and more people began to die from factory related deaths (Document 5).

The fast paced work environment combined with machines made the likeness of people making a life devastating mistake much greater. Eventually, the sacrifices made by these people provided the groundwork for workers rights to be established. Now, we have an infinite number of conveniences that weren’t available during the 19th century (Document 4). Everyday conveniences are due to the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution caused the death of many, but helped shape today’s society. 

The massive growth of produce was due to the invention of assembly lines. More products were made by the Industrial Revolution because of factories (Document 1). This created more everyday products, which increased the availability of necessities for all. Due to factories, which were created during the Industrial Revolution more products were created. Now ten men can work together to produce ten times more volume than if they worked separately (Document 2). More products decreased the overall cost of goods. Since life’s necessities were readily available, England transformed into an economic powerhouse.

The Industrial Revolution was responsible for the sudden growth in population (Mr. Brown). Now parents can grow their families without the fear of starving children. England’s population grew, this grew England’s workforce and military might. Though life necessities were abundant, it came at the cost of human lives (Document 2). Many people died from horrific machine-related accidents due to long hours and exhaustion. The new found availability didn't help families who were suffering a deceased family member. The Industrial revolution was responsible for many deaths, but those deaths led to the English thriving. 

Why It Benefited England

The Industrial Revolution benefited England because traveling and communication time was reduced. Traveling times were significantly reduced by the steam engine train (Document 10). The steam engine allowed English citizens to travel faster and further than ever before. The steam engine was a product of the Industrial Revolution, which allowed people to travel more efficiently and effectively. The steam engine allowed people to become more effective with their time (Document 10). The steam engine united cities and brought England closer together through closer travel. England benefited from the Industrial Revolution because it inspired the creation of the steam engine, which allowed England to run faster and more efficiently. Communication was forever altered when the telegraph was introduced (Mr. Brown). Long-distance communication could be achieved in mere seconds. The Industrial Revolution inspired inventors to improve communication, which benefited England. The Industrial Revolution made life more efficient and quick by improving communication and traveling.

The Industrial Revolution was a period where England’s economy experienced massive growth. Some were left behind in the economic surge. Daily life was altered forever due to improved quality of life, life-changing inventions, and the surge of production. Many suffered during the Industrial Revolution, but their sacrifice led to a future with unions and workers rights being protected by the government.



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