Antony’s Speech Essay Example

Mark Antony’s speech in William Shakespeare’s play asserts that Brutus’ perspective on killing Caesar is unreliable and can be questioned through Brutus’s honorability. Antony supports his assertion by illustrating the irony in Brutus’ claim that Caesar is an honorable man. The author’s purpose is to obtain credibility from his audience in order to convince them to turn against Brutus for killing Caesar. Antony establishes a cynical and ironic tone to persuade his audience of fellow countrymen to recognize the untruthfulness of Brutus’s words and get them to trust his statement for the truth about Brutus  

Antony wants to break the audience’s trust in Brutus by establishing his credibility from the audience to gain their faith to support his statement on Brutus. Antony begins by addressing his audience as “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” (1). ……...analysis He builds up his credibility which leads Antony to gain trust. Newly gained trust → allows Antony to persuade the audience by showing how Ceaser was not ambitious “Ambition should be made of sterner stuff”. Transition: to next paragraph; mocking how Brutus thought ambition was stern. 

Antony’s method of repeating his belief about Brutus throughout his speech works to emphasize and clarify his point of view of Caesar's death. Antony mockingly states that “Brutus says he was ambitious” and this must be true since “Brutus is an honorable man” (14,15). Analysis: … mocking tone; further makes the audience realize how ridiculous this is through emphasizing the repetition. Say how it leads to a new realization of how Brutus is not honorable.

Emotional arguments are used profoundly by Antony as a way to relate to the emotions of his audience to further persuade them to believe his viewpoint. Antony feels his “heart is in the coffin there with Caesar” and therefore he “must pause till it comes back to me” (34,35). Analysis: (pathos) Antony uses this to connect to the audience who may be grieving too. Leaves end of speech with emotional tone to leave the audience with a feeling of sorrow and anger at Brutus for taking their friend. 



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