Reconstruction Essay Example

Reconstruction was the period after The Civil War when the former Confederate states were brought back into the Union. Reconstruction was necessary because the union was broken, the North and South were split and against each other. The South did not think the slavery was wrong. They thought African Americans were not human, that they were tools used for their crop. The North thought that African American were more than a utensil for work, they are people. The North wanted to see a difference and peace. Lincoln wanted the Union back together.

After The Civil War there were many questions to answer and problems to solve. What was the country supposed to do with 4 million freed slaves? Now we have widespread unemployment, ex-slaves didn't have homes, families, education, or any skills. Next, what are we supposed to do with the confederate states? Lincoln had a plan for these concerns. Lincoln's 10% plan, this was him telling all Confederate states except prominent military and political leaders could regain citizenship by taking an oath to support the Constitution. The Klu Klux Klan was originated in 1865, members of this group hated people of color. During these years, freedmen were getting more and more rights and the KKK did not agree with these terms. The main features of Reconstruction were the amendments 13-15. I think Reconstruction was both unsuccessful and successful, it put our country through a lot but in the end the country is back together. 

Reconstruction was a success in one way, the country is back together now. Back in those days it was messy, no one agreed with anyone and nothing got resolved. I think it failed because everything they did in those 12 years was reversed. Now the Republican party is the Democratic party and vise versa.The goal of wanting the union back together happened. There are still active groups of the KKK and other racist groups. Even though these citizens are free, they are still hated on regularly. Our country is back together, but in the end we still bully each other on our appearances, sexuality, religion and our opinions.

Reconstruction affected my character in a negative way, I was representing a plantation owner. I owned slaves and they worked for me, therefor I didn't disagree with slavery. The 13th Amendment freed my slaves. They worked my crop and did the work. When all laborers got freed there was all that work to do, but no one to work it. The 14th Amendment granted citizenship, giving the freemen more value, more than 3/5ths. Lastly the 15th Amendment guaranteed the right to vote. Now these ex-slaves have a say in the Government. Southerners, like my character did not agree with this. Because of these new laws I don't have anyone to work my land and that makes me poor. Not good for me.


I think Reconstruction was both unsuccessful and successful, it put our country through a lot but in the end the country is back together. I think Reconstruction could have been handled better today, but back then what else did they now. I think Lincoln had a good approach, when he got assassinated those plans didn't go exactly as planned when Johnson was put in charge. I think the North and South should have come up with a plan together on what to do with these former slaves. If they wanted to be a union again I think that is a good step.



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