The Benefits of Electoral College Essay Example

The Benefits of Electoral College Essay Example
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📌Published: 11 May 2021

This letter is in regard to keeping the Electoral College as opposed to changing to election by popular vote for the president of the United States for various reasons. Though our founding fathers established our Electoral College way back, it is constantly assisting to our needs and is an essential factor in our electoral system. The Electoral College ensures a certainty of outcome, avoids run-off elections, and restores some weight in the political balance. Furthermore, the Electoral College helps the country remain whole by using a slate of electors in order for he or she to become president. According to Judge Richard A. Posner in his article “In Defense of the Electoral College...” The Electoral College avoids elections in which no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast. When this is not avoided “run-off elections” are most likely to occur, which can cause conflicts in the presidential election. The process consists of a slate of electors in which they help determine who will become your next president. The electoral slate is full of responsibilities in taking society’s votes and using them to decide a leader.  

When we stick to the Electoral College, we lower the chance of the same mistakes happening again. Posner notes that “awarding electoral votes induces the focus their campaign efforts on the toss-up states.” Keeping the candidates in the system allows the voting process fair throughout the run for president, because “almost all states award electoral votes on a winner-take-all basis” claims Judge Richard.  

Bradford Plumer, author of the article “The Indefensible Electoral College...,” suggests that the problem with the electoral college is “...voters vote not for the president, but for a slate of electors, who in turn elect the president.” However, this isn’t a valid point because by allowing the electoral slate to decide on who to elect as president you are allowing a more certainty of the outcome rather than having a dispute over the popular vote.  

After careful consideration of all the factors, it is clear that the Electoral College is the correct choice in deciding whether it should be abolished or not. Not only does it keep the country united, but it also remains political stability in the electoral system.


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