Should Military Service be Mandatory Essay Example

Should Military Service be Mandatory Essay Example
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📌Published: 11 May 2021

In some countries, every young person must serve two years of military service. Fortunately, the United States does not have this policy. The United States must not create a policy that forces young Americans to serve two years in the military because it will cause mental issues and cause the downfall of the military due to the insipid effort. 

The United States must not enforce a policy that drafts young Americans to serve two years in the military because it will corrupt their mental health. When people choose to serve in the military, they are informed about the uncomfortable situations that they may be exposed to. People who are willingly in the military build up a strong mental state and prepare for the worst. On the other hand, if unstable soldiers are sent into the military mentally and physically unprepared, it may be difficult. When young Americans are forced into the workforce, they are sent into the military with meager mental preparation and knowledge on how to cope with the erratic experiences that occur.

Therefore, the lack of knowledge will cause issues such as post traumatic stress disorder and depression. For example, experiencing the death of fellow soldiers is traumatizing. Correspondingly, the responsibility of killing others in battle will be difficult for soldiers. The weight of taking another person’s life is not simple for all. Trauma can be distressing as it remains with the soldiers causing mental problems to accumulate. Additionally, sleeping in cold, sad rooms with the anonymity of people will cause anxiety for some young adults. All soldiers are not comfortable being around unknown people. Being sent out to the military with no one you know will make the young adults feel lost and vulnerable. Along with being drafted to war with anonymous people, the feeling of vulnerability is caused by the long absence of family and friends. 

In addition, the United States must not initiate a policy that forces young Americans to serve two years in the military because of the lack of effort by the troops. Some young Americans are not willing to put in the effort to protect our country. If they are not willing to keep our country safe, people will die and the United States will become vulnerable to worldwide threats. The military was established to defend innocent citizens in our country. When drafted into the workforce unwillingly, young adults can feel unmotivated to work their hardest. When the military is full of careless, aloof troops, the efficiency of safety will decline. The inadequate effort will cause the United States to become dangerous and unstable. 

Some people believe if young Americans are forced into serving two years in the military, it will teach the soldiers how to be physically and mentally stronger. However, these are false claims. Our nation will be devastated by this policy because it will put young adults through gratuitous stress.  Putting people through physically and mentally draining situations can cause mental issues. Being drained mentally and physically can cause a downfall of efficiency in the military. For these reasons, the health of our soldiers and the proficiency of the workforce is important so America must not pass this policy.


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