The Adoration of Jenna Fox: Synthesis Essay Example

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It was possible for Jenna Fox to still be alive after her accident, even though she only had 10% of her brain left that was still human. In The Adoration of Jenna Fox, written by Mary E. Pearson, the story revolves around Jenna Fox, a teenage girl who was supposed to have died in a car crash. In the article, "CRISPR gene editing explained: What is it and how does it work?" created by Jackson Ryan, it speaks about CRISPR gene editing and a recent gene modification on two embryos. Both texts involve scientific advancements that would change the entire world, which is why the point system that limits human alterations should stay in place. CRISPR needs to be regulated, as there can be major risks, and it's too early to know for sure, but there are possibly other unknown dangers. The point system for changing a human should also stay in place for Bio Gel, as it keeps medical resources from running out and makes life fairer. CRISPR, along with Bio Gel mainly need to be restricted because these discoveries will inevitably cause Earth to reach its carrying capacity. 

The point system allows inconsequential changes in genes, such as changing an eye color, but even a small modification can pose major dangers.  In "CRISPR gene editing explained: What is it and how does it work?", it states, "When CRISPR is tasked with hunting down a gene, it sometimes finds genes that appear very similar to its target and cuts them, too" (Ryan 6). In the next paragraph, it talks about the danger and it says, "An unintended cut may cause mutations in other genes, leading to...pathologies such as cancer" (Ryan). If the point system were to change, people will start performing extreme and unnecessary changes to embryos to make the "perfect baby."

As a result, more people will be likely to suffer from cancer since CRISPR is not always accurate. CRISPR has also only been used on two babies, and that was fairly recent, so it still is not known if CRISPR really works or if it only works to an extent.  Even though the point system should stay the same at the moment, that does not mean it will never change. It is just too early to tell if there is any other side effects or risks caused by the genetic tampering, and more research should be done before it is even considered that the point system regulating gene editing changes.  

It is also important for the point system to be regulating the amount of changes that can be done to the human body by Bio Gel because it allows everyone to have a more equal lifespan. In The Adoration of Jenna Fox, Allys talks about the point system, and she says, "'Maybe. But fair, too. It does not matter how rich or important you are. Everyone's in the same boat. And medical resources and costs are kept under control"' (Pearson 95). Allys makes it seem like Bio Gel is expensive, that means wealthy people are more likely to survive accidents, as they have the money to pay for Bio Gel. That may seem like an advantage, but the majority of the population would not be able to afford it and that makes it unfair.

Even if everyone could afford it, those people would be living the rest of their lives more science than human. Otherwise, they would have been treated without the Bio Gel. The point system not only allows everyone to live to about the same age, but it also prevents the wealthier from dominating the humans part of the middle and lower classes. The point system prevents that because it does not permit information to be uploaded onto brains. If it did, more likely than not, only the rich people could afford it. That would mean the wealthy would be accepted into all the prestigious colleges/universities because they would excel academically and end up being the most well-educated humans.

That gives them the advantage because they would be more likely to discover or invent something, so they would ultimately get all the high-paying jobs. For example, if someone who had information uploaded onto their brain and became a lawyer, then he or she would be able to recite all the laws without even trying. That person would also know every court case, and who won each case, as well as how which would help them win cases. Basically, if the point system changed, there is a very high chance that the people more fortunate in terms of money will gain even more advantages over everyone else. 

Even though Bio Gel and CRISPR can be seen as a benefit to humanity because Bio Gel gives people a longer lifespan, while the latter has the potential to improve health/cure diseases, they are really not. In The Adoration of Jenna Fox, it states, "And today, like each time they have landed on my hand for the past two hundred years" (Pearson 118). While, in the "CRISPR gene editing explained: What is it and how does it work?" article, it states, "...CRISPR research is still remarkably young, yet we've already seen how it might be used to fight HIV infection, combat invasive species and destroy anti-biotic-resistant bacteria" (Ryan 2).

Both of those quotes prove that Bio Gel and gene editing will cause humans to live longer which allows people to spend more time together, though the point system should still stay in place because these scientific discoveries will cause humans to overpopulate. Theoretically, if everyone could live to be over twice the age of the average person as the result of the Bio Gel, then humans will already be using up double the amount of resources. Not only that, humans wouldn't age physically, so they would still be able to carry children no matter their age. That means people will be more likely to have a lot of children, and that will definitely drain Earth of its resources.

The CRISPR gene editing also brings Earth closer to its carrying capacity because if the diseases passed on through genes were eradicated, then a larger quantity of people will live. CRISPR gene editing will also cause doctors, dentists, physicians, nurses, nutritionists, dermatologists, eye doctors, and other similar professions to start disappearing. This is because everyone would modify genes to make their child stronger, healthier, disease-resistant, and just perfect in general. Mortality rates would drop drastically and Earth will quickly lose all its resources. The effects of Bio Gel and CRISPR will also cause many species of animals to go extinct because there needs to be food to support the increasing population.  There will be no more room left on Earth and there's no other planet that would be able to accommodate everyone who can't fit on Earth, which means humans will start killing each other to fight for food and space. The human species might even go extinct if all the animals are gone, as well as the plants who can't grow back because of how much Earth will change. 

It is in humanity's best interest that the amendment doesn't come to life and the point system stays in place. The point system prevents people from taking the risk of getting cancer by undergoing CRISPR gene editing. The point system also allows all humans to have a more equal chance at living a long life, because it regulates Bio Gel which would mostly be affordable to the wealthy and that means the richer people will be living the longest. Finally, the amendment that changes the point system shouldn't have effect because it stops Bio Gel and CRISPR gene editing from causing humans to overpopulate. By regulating the amount of changes that can be done to a human, it ensures that there will still be humans in the future, and it prevents the Earth from becoming uninhabitable.



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