Essay on The Maze Runner Book Movie Comparison Paper

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The book The Maze Runner book and the movie are similar in many aspects and some in some very different aspects which led to two portraits of a great plot line and theme. But in the end it was quite clear that the book The Maze Runner was better than the movie in the aspect that it had more dynamic characters and they are portrayed in more detail, it allowed us to get access to more information to allow us to better follow the plotline, and their focus of theme in the book led to better-rounded characters that were more relatable and easier to understand.             

One of the biggest things that set the book and the movie apart was their portrayal of the characters' and how those characters interact with one and other. One example of this is how the main protagonist Thomas and another character Alby, in the book they hated each other, but in the movie, they got along almost seamlessly. The book is better at portraying characters and making realistic character relationships. Another way that the book outplayed the movie was the connection that Thomas and Teresa had, they had a telepathic link which allowed them to share thoughts with each other with ease, the movie misses this point which makes it somewhat confusing to figure out how some they exchange information and leaves a hole in the plot which is confusing too many people watching the movie.

Another aspect of the book is that it gives a new aspect of view to the reader and engages the reader better. This happens through the writers' impressive view into the characters heads, which gives us a better view of what is happening and why certain characters make certain decisions. This a major advantage to the reader over the viewer because not only do you get more dialogue, but you also get to see the very thoughts, desires, and aspirations of the character. An example of this advantage is the connection that Thomas and Teresa have, the movie never gave a shot at putting in the telepathy because they could not actually show the thoughts of the characters, and can only be represented in the dialogue. The book allows the reader to become encapsulated in the story and almost feel like you there and witnessing it in life through the eyes of Thomas himself.

The last thing that set theses to projects apart is their focus on the team. The book develops a more in-depth theme that eventually leads to the theme that you cannot do everything by yourself no matter how independent you are,  working as a team is irreplaceable. The movie has a theme that is more focused on just Thomas and sometimes Teresa which is not as in-depth and overall just removes the main theme of the original book. It dulls the feeling of connection to the characters and the situations that they find themselves in, which is much less realistic and relatable.

These two projects have many similarities, differences, highs, and lows which make for very in-depth themes and characters. The book The Maze Runner was better than the movie portrayal of the story, this happens through better interaction between characters, more information about what the characters thought, and the focus of the theme helped the reader understand the theme better and allowed the reader to feel a connection to these characters.



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