Verona: The City of Hope. Romeo and Juliet Essay Example

Death and tragedy remind the Montagues and Capulets of Romeo and Juliet's tragic story. The people of Verona had witnessed the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’s deaths. These two families have put aside their differences and agreed to make extravagant statues of Romeo and Juliet. Today is the day when both Montagues and Capulets come together as one family. Benvolio and his new friend, Chad, are helping construct the statues, when Benvolio asks, “Have you heard about the Chamberlains? I heard that they were banished from Mantua.” Chad replied, “Yeah, they seem a bit odd. You know they stopped by earlier, Benvolio?” In a reassuring tone, Benvolio responded, “Actually, they were wondering if they could help us finish up. 

See Benvolio, the Chamberlains seem like a solid group after all.” Later that day, Benvolio and Chad visit with Robert who is the leader of the Chamberlains. “I see you two could use some help with these two statues,” Robert offered. ” Chad responded, “Benvolio and I were going to call it a day. Night is upon us, and it is getting dark.” “I can stay with these guys and help, while you go get some rest,” Benvolio added. “Sure, just make sure to come in during curfew,” chimed Chad. Chad heads inside, as Benvolio and Robert continue to work on the statues. Chad does not approve of Benvolio staying out late, but Benvolio is determined to finish his work.

The sun is rising in Verona, Italy. The Montagues and Capulets are getting ready to put the finishing touches on the two statues. At this moment, tragedy struck Chad. “Benvolio! Benvolio! Somebody help Benvolio is dead!” Chad demands for help, as both the Montagues and Capulets come running to the scene. Both families are depressed and shocked by what has happened to Benvolio's poor soul. “Who would have dared to murder poor Benvolio. He was never home last night as he was helping the Chamberlains. I’m going to get revenge for Benvolio's sake!” Chad yelled. 

The Montagues and Capulets rush to the Princes headquarters to spread the word about Benvolio's passing. Chad rushes to a halt as they see the Chamberlains holding the prince and company at gunpoint. The Montagues and Capulets all draw their weapons and aim toward the Chamberlins. “What has gotten into your hellish actions. I never knew this day filled with horrors would come!” stated Chad. Robert added, “Verona is the Chamberlins, and any body who dares to challenge us, will not live to see another day! The only other family that will thrive in this city is the Chamberlains!” “I never knew it had to be this way dear Robert; it's your decision not mine.”

All families then open gunfire on each other. “Protect the Prince, take cover!” yelled Chad. Robert delivers a bullet to two of the Capulets resulting in death. Chad slides and ducks under a bridge, and knocks out two of the Chamberlins of their feet. This firefight is going back in forth with bodies dropping left and right. The Chamberlains are dropping like flies, as the Montagues and Capulets are two much to handle. Chad shoots two bullets over Roberts head. Robert then rushes Chad and tackles him to the ground. Robert stares down Chad as he draws his weapon toward Chad, “Benvolio was a weakling just like you. Good thing you two will see the same place.” Chad quickly knocks the gun from Robert, as chad picks up the glock up and delivers a shot to Roberts head. Chad then looks around to see the deaths of all families everywhere. “Why is there so much death upon this city!? Verona means peace not violence” chad states. 

It’s two weeks after the massacre in Verona. A total of 20 lives were lost including the entire Chamberlin Gang. Chad suffered two wounds in the leg and is now recovering in Verona’s hospital. Benvolio has passed, and both families agree to portray a statue of him, next to Romeo and Juliet. The families have now made sure to exclude any others from traveling through Verona’s city limits. The prince and company award Chad for a Medal of Honor of Honor, for protecting and saving this city. “May no more death come upon this magnificent city of Verona,” Chad proclaims to the prince. “May we overcome our difficult past, and take into consideration what we can do to make Verona loving, caring, and safe!”



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