The 7th Heaven Band Performance. The Music Essay Example

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  • Published: 21 March 2021
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This performance was done by a band who goes by the name of The 7th Heaven Band which consists of members Richard Hofherr, Michael Mooshey, Mark Kennetz, Nick Cox, and Adam Heisler. They are a band that is local to Chicago, Illinois and tend to focus their musical performances around covering popular songs which genres can range from rock to pop. The performance I will be reviewing was held at the DeKalb Corn Fest which they performed on Friday, August 23 from 9:00pm – 11:00pm which was held in Chicago, Illinois.  

The band's performance started rather late in the night meaning that most of the viewers had enough time to enjoy a few drinks. The stage presence the band expressed was rather great; the lead singer of the band was most engaging as he continued to give the audience ques and asked them to join him in clapping and dancing as the other members who were playing guitars and singing as well seemed to sway back and forth encouraging the enjoyment of dance. The lead singer throughout the performance continued to be more and more uplifting even encouraging some of the members from the crowd to sing parts of the song that they were covering for them. 

Since the concert is being performed by a band there are key instruments that seem to always be included. Being the lead singer's vocals along with the others producing the chorus. There is always a guitar and a bass along with a drummer in the back. But they all complement each other greatly as you can tell that they have been performing together for quite some time. You can really tell why they chose to make Adam Heisler the lead vocalist as he seems to have the most energy and most consistent voice within the pieces that they perform which is what bands always tend to look for in a lead singer as their main job is to keep the crowd involved and interested in their performance. 

As for things I liked about this performance I would have to say the consistency of keeping a positive mood for the whole show was really outstanding as to be able to continuously bounce around and engage people for hours on end seems like a tedious and almost impossible job yet they do it perfectly. Another thing that I found well done was the actual stage setup that they had. Being that the performance was done at night the setting is always dark, but the use of vibrant and strobing lights really insisted that the night was just getting started which complemented the energy they were projecting. Lastly I found that their song selections all shared a common theme which can be hard to do as they had to set it up so that the crowd always stayed involved and by picking songs that what seemed like everyone within the audience knew they in turn made everyone regardless of the genre they prefer active and listening keeping the mood of the concert energetic and jumping which again is hard to do as everyone had been standing for hours. 

One piece from within their performance that I really enjoyed was their final song performed which was a cover of “Mr Brightside” by The Killers. The original composer of the piece is Dave Keuning who was part of the band The Killers but The 7th Heavens choice to perform the piece for their final song was a great move as it is a very well known song. It gave the crowd one last rush of energy as you can see many dancing and jumping around. Thus, making the aesthetic of the performance continuously focused around just making everyone happy and uplifted. Which made the whole performance a rather successful event as there did not seem to be a single person within the crowd who didn’t enjoy the night out. 

So overall I believe that they did a terrific job at this performance and before being instructed to find a category other than “popular music” I would have never found or heard of this band as I normally don’t listen to local bands. They have a wonderful energy that they seamlessly project onto anyone who views them. They have constant smiles throughout the performance and by always dancing and jumping around there is never a dull moment. Although I am not one for concerts in person I can not say that I would go check them out in person although for anyone who does enjoy that type of scenery I would definitely recommend.



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